Saturday 21 July 2012


Dionysus is a Death/Doom Metal Band from Lahore, Pakistan

The members are:

Waleed Ahmed - Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Producer
Sheraz Ahmed - Guitars/Drums
Umair Ahmed - Guitars
Waqar Haider - Live backing vocals
Sam Morbid - Live Drummer
Rauhan Lasharie - Flute/Synth/Violin

Dionysus are a superb Death/Doom Metal band blending Neofolk/Black metal/Post rock into their highly original style of music.

It's been a while since we have posted a great Death/Doom Metal Band on the blog so thanks to Dionysus for contacting me about their great band and excellent new EP - A Hymn To The Dying.

A 5 song and 28 minute collection of hard hitting riffs that show what a truly talented band Dionysus actually are.

If your into Iron Maiden, Opeth and Wolves In The Throne Room then your going to dig this. As Dionysus sound like a crazy warped hybrid of these great bands.

The vocals and riffs are bleak from the word go in the best Doom/Death Metal possible way. Throw in some cool Neo-Folk/Black Metal and Post Rock riffs. These guys can rock out with the best of them.

The EP's standout track is the epic 9:27 minute song - Valor Of The Phoenix which shows what this band does so brilliantly well.

The EP is not the best produced but it shouldn't distract you to show what a hugely talented band these guys actually are.

Dionysus are giving this excellent EP for free right now from MediaFire. So start downloading now and check out this amazing band right now.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below:

Check The Guys In Action playing "Valor Of The Phoenix".