Wednesday 4 July 2012

Dephosphorus/Great Falls Split 7inch (Review) - Hell Comes Home Vol. 1

By: Aaron Pickford

Album Type: 7" Inch Split, Disc 3
Date Released: 2/6/2012
Label: Hell Comes Home

Desphosphorus/Great Fall Split 7inch/DD track listing:

Dephosphorus Side 

A). Stargazing And Violence

Great Falls Side

B). Everything But Lightning
Desphosphorus is:

Thanos Mantos | Guitars
Panos Agoros | Vocals 
Nikos Megariotis | Drums

Great Falls is:

Demian Johnston | Vocals, Guitar
Shane Mehling | Bass
Phil Petrocelli | Drums

The Review:

Well I could sum up this track with one word and that's CRUSHING.  A sinister blend of sludgey blackened metal, holy crap this song is just brilliant and somewhat unexpected.  Frankly, I didn't know what to expect and that's the beauty of this track, I was blown away!  The opening burst of the track is a sludgey riff reminiscent of old Black Cobra and in truth, taking the track as a whole there are distinct similarities with New Orleans sludgers Soilent Green, with the mixture of Eyehategod sabbathian riffs and the trade off with grindcore, death metal speed riffs and gut busting vocals.  This is no Greek tragedy.  Man! It's a breathtaking track and a spectacular addition to the Hell Come Home series.

Talk about a contrast, Great Falls couldn't be any more different than Desphosphorus, but they are no less brilliant.  What we have is violent noise rock choc full of angular riffs and a tone and quality not to dissimilar to The Jesus Lizard and Cows, but with more aggression and menace.  The song has a stop start quality to it; imagine learning to drive for the first time and jolting the car forward time after time, that's how I would describe the song.  What it lacks in fluidity, it more than makes up for  in raw aggression, with staccato jarring riffs and bucket loads of  attitude and a David Yow esque vocal but with deranged screamed vocals to top it off.  Totally original and totally brilliant

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