Saturday 21 July 2012

Battle Path - Empiric Now Free To Download

Battle Path are an Experimental/Doom/Sludge/Black Metal Band from Murfreesboro, TN, USA

The members are:

Adam Reed--Guitars, Ambience
Casey Stickney--Drums
Chase Hornsby--Guitars
Nathan Reed--Bass
Todd Harris--Vocals, Guitar

Battle Path have been on this blog before when I reviewed this excellent album. Well the guys have posted this on their Facebook Page.

"Ok guys. Just wanted to give a bit of an update about Empiric. First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has bought Empiric on the bandcamp page. We can't thank you enough. We have decided at this time to change the price to Name Your Price instead, due to the fact that the record has leaked all over the internet to a score of illegal download sites. We'd much rather you just get it from us than another place. So, with that said, have at it! Download away and enjoy. Also, if anyone happens to review the record, please let us know. Thanks again!"

So here I am spreading the word on one of my fave Sludge/Black Metal Bands. So headover to BandCamp Page now and download the album from there. If you want to help the guys out buy some merch from them and let them know what you think of the album via their Facebook Page.

The guys will surely appreciate it. Empiric will be released on Vinyl very soon.

Expect an interview with these guys on Sludgelord in the next few weeks or so.

Check This Great Band Below: