Monday 30 July 2012

Pyramido/Union Of Sleep Split 7" - Hell Comes Home Vol. 1

By: Aaron Pickford

Album Type: 7" Inch Split,
Date Released: 25/6/2012
Label: Hell Comes Home

Pyramido/Union of Sleep Split 7”/DD track listing:

Pyramido Side

A). Cleansed

Union of Sleep Side

B). Crawl

Pyramido is:

Ronnie Källbäck | Vocals
Henrik Wendel | Guitar
Dan Hedlund | Guitar
Dan Bengtsson | Bass & Backing Vocals
Viktor Forss | Drums

Union of Sleep is:

Ash | Guitar
Christian | Bass
Toni | Vocals
Raven | Drums
Rocco | Guitar

The Review:

Sloooow resonating doom is what we have here from Malmo's finest musical export.  From the opening of the track with the searing din of the feedback and the cymbal crashes we are subjected to 6:00 of some downright ugly sludge doom.  Pyramido are just an immense brute force.  At the forefront is the giant vocals from Ronnie, who sounds like a man screaming his last breathe, he is a front man of awesome stature and power.  Equally everything else is just as herculean in terms of power, the twin guitar assault with the titanic almost funeral doom pacing are monumental with the occasional phrasing of fast alternate picking on the high string giving the track an almost demonic death metal feel to it.  Indeed everything on this track is at the slower end of pacing, feeling as if this is an anthem for the Grim Reaper himself, seeking his next batch of victims to take to hell.  The track is just a sublime addition to their already phenomenal back catalogue and a strong contender for the finest entry in the Hell Comes Home series so far. 

 Too be honest, Union of Sleep are another band I hadn't heard prior to this track.  But boy am I a fan of this band now!  Holy Shit, this track is just stunning.  Sounding like the bastard offspring of Entombed but more sludgier and grittier, My god, I am awestruck at how tremendously dangerous this track sounds.  It is in fact the exact Bi Polar opposite to Pyramido, the pacing is frenetic and fast and angry, just a chaotic freight train of bludgeoning heaviness.  The speed and intensity, reminds me of grind super beasts Rotten Sound and that is no mean feat.  The sound of everything on this record is superb, raw, aggressive and most of all a bloody devastating maelstrom of malevolence.  Fan-bloody-tastic.  This split is another must have. 

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