Sunday 8 July 2012


TONGUE are an Alternative/Punk/Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from Serbia.

I will let the band's bio do all the talking.

"Tongue is a rock band from Belgrade,Serbia.The band started as a Bizic Vladimir (Ripkid) solo project after the demise of his long-running hardcorepunk band Lets Grow.Tongue has major influences from the genres of hardcorepunk,stoner rock,hardrock,classic rock and metal music but is open for experimenting.The band set a plan to record a trilogy EP series called "A Night You'll Never Remember" \m/"

Well the first part of the trilogy is the brilliantly fast paced EP - "A Night You'll Never Remember Vol 1 : Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory ?"

It's a 3 song and 15 minute blast of top-notch Punk/Grunge/Stoner Rock vibes all mixed with a great Alt-Rock Vibe. And it never lets up from the opening riffs of great track -"Happiness Factory".

The great riffs just keep coming with great vocals to match as well. This will have you head-banging in no time at all. A great debut release from a great band and I recommend you download this EP right now. As its available for Free Download on BandCamp.

Just head over to BandCamp and do it now. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: