Tuesday 31 July 2012

Steve's Top 5 Records of July '12

Well Since Aaron has posted his top 5 albums for July then it's time for me to do mine. Apologies for missing any bands out especially Black Cowgirl and Battle Path. If it was a Top 10 then these bands would of definitely been in.

No 5 - Black Science - An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever Review

A sublime album from these cosmic space rockers. Full of great riffs and ideas to match. If you want your body and soul to be transported into the next dimension. Then this is the album for you. Read Full Review Here.

No 4 - Sardonis - II

II cover art

A brilliant album from one of the loudest and most creative Instrumental Sludge/Doom Metal Bands I have heard this year. This was so good I bought the Vinyl Record straight away. Awesome. Read Full Review Here.

No 3. -TITAN - Burn

TITAN is an absolute blast of total destructive Sludge/Doom/Hardcore Metal. Probably TITAN's best work to date, If you want loud, heavy passionate Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal riffs then BURN will suit you down to the ground. Brilliant. Read Full Review Here.

No 2. - Baroness - Yellow & Green

Baroness - Yellow & Green

Well what more needs to be said about this brilliant album. I know it's got a lot of haters amongst their fan base. But I think this is Baroness most defining work. I loved it. I feel Baroness need to be applauded for trying to do something different. Awesome album. Read Full Review Here.


Well here is my fave record of July 2012. And what album it is. An excellent collection of riffs and vocals to match. This is the album I have been listening to non-stop recently as I fell instantly in love with it. It's so damn catchy at times.

The reason why it's my No 1 Record of July 2012 is for the song - BeerWulf. My fave song of 2012 so far. Worth it for the album alone. Read Full Review Here.