Monday 30 July 2012

Aaron's Top 5 Records of July '12

So, guys.  It is probably 7 months overdue, however Steve and I have decided to begin compiling our favourite records of the month and we are starting with July.  Too be honest, this is records we have reviewed in July, so there may be artists we feature who have released their music before July or indeed albums which have not been released yet. This is just a list of the records I have reviewed, listened too and we have featured on the blog.  You may agree or disagree but it's my list.  So here goes in descending order. 

No. 5

Adrift - Black Hearts Bleed Black
ADRIFT. Black Heart Bleeds Black CD

I hadn't heard of this band prior to Steve's review and once I listened to it, his description couldn't be more accurate.  Another brilliant band from Spain.  I love this record and feel compelled to press the repeat button once this record finishes every time.  The record is full of brutal riffs and a pleasure to listen too.  I will be keeping my eye on this band for future releases and may even check out their back catalogue too.  Brilliant.

NO. 4

Telepathy - Lucretius (Single)
Lucretius (Single) cover art

I was left speechless listening to this record. It is a brilliant brilliant track and I am grateful to the band for informing  us about his brilliant track. I truly feel they are doing something new, fresh and inventive. If you want more reasons why I think this is a great record. Read my review. Check out the band. It's great.


Vagitarians - Wood

I only reviewed this record yesterday, but I have been listening to the record non stop since.  Some of the best sludge metal you'll hear this year.  Can I now say, I'm a Vagitarian?!! :).  You guys seem to like it too, judging by the feedback the band got from my recent post on facebook.  Poland seem to have a dirth of excellent bands at the moment and judging by this album, I am looking forward to more in the future.  Check out my review for more info.


Slabdragger/Meadows Split 12"

I can't say anything more than I have already said about this record and it was a toss up between this record and my No.1.  I couldn't pick between, but invariably I needed to choose.  So Slabdragger/Meadows is my No.2 record.  The greatest thing about this record apart from the brutal heaviness of Slabdragger, was the discovery of Meadows.  Their tunes are fantastic.  You can judge yourself when it is released.

No. 1

Tigon - Infinite Teeth

Infinite Teeth cover art

Yes, my No. 1 record of July is this brilliant release by Tigon.  I can't help but rave about this record.  The reason I chose it, was due to the mixture of blistering ferocity coupled with the off kilter time changes and all round brilliant musicianship.  What's more I just felt it was something different and exciting.  Do yourselves a favour and check out this band, if you haven't already done so.