Sunday 8 July 2012

SunBakedSnowCave is Back!!!

SunBakedSnowCave is a One Man Drone/Doom/Experimental/Stoner Metal artist from North Carolina, USA.

This is the work of one man - Joey from brilliant Sludge/Black Metal Band - Cursed Altar who were featured on this blog in March 2012

Well I featured this talented guy as early as last month. Well he is back with an uncompromising set of tunes from his superb first EP- MANSON.

A 4 song and 19 minute blast of unsettling tunes to shake your soul to. It's not easy listening but it does have some truly awesome riffs amongst the ambient noises running through out.

Joey says this on his BandCamp Page about the EP and it's deeply troubling subject.

"I've always found Charles Manson to be a very interesting character. You can learn anything from anyone if you stop and take the time to listen. He is a musician, painter and poet, all of which add to the interest I have found in learning about Manson. This is not a tribute album, nor am I praising Manson... I guess it's more of a reflection of a character (not the person, because I don't personally know the person , therefore, I am not at liberty to make an assumption of Manson)."

I am not honoring Manson as I think what he done was a hideous crime. But I admire Joey's vision and talents on creating something on a deeply unsettling subject. And I applaud him for it.

It's a great EP from a great musician who is not afraid to test the limits and patience of listeners. Great work again as always Joey. Can't wait to look forward to your next work.

This is available on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Deal right now. Great Stuff.

Check This Great Artist Below: