Sunday 8 July 2012


CRODOG is a two-man Experimental Sludge/Noise Metal Band from Oakland, CA, USA.

The members are:

Robin Kahn: Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Smith: Drums

Robin is the guitarist from recent Sludgelord faves - Abstracter, He emailed me to check out his other band. CRODOG - A great Sludge/Noise/Experimental Project he is involved in.

They have a S/T release available on BandCamp right now for free download.  This is a superb 40 minute blast of 8 top-notch distorted Sludge Metal tracks incorporating some fine Noise Rock to go with it.

Robin advised me this was recorded in one take and on analog tape. Fucking Impressive as there is a whole range of top-notch riffs waiting to be discovered.

It has a very grittly lo-fi punk atmosphere to it which adds to the band's bleak vocals and riffs on show.

All in all a great release and one I hope they will release further material for. Check out great tracks IED, Old Wounds and Everything's Alright.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: