Saturday 14 July 2012


The Legion Of Doom are an Instrumental Doom Metal Band from Nottingham, UK

The Legion Of Doom are a semi-retired Doom Metal band Band from the UK. Tim from the band recently contacted me t check their great band.

I will let his great email do the talking which will tell you all you need to know.

"We formed back in 2003 (it's a bit hazy) in Nottingham, UK, and quickly made a name for ourselves in the local scene with ourinstrumental Iron Maiden/Fucking Champs/Melvins-type of music. After a year or so getting our first few tunes properly polished, and replacing a retired drummer, we recorded our first EP with Paul Yeadon (ex-Bivouac) and Johnny Carter (ex-Pitchshifter) and did a couple of UK tours with Chickenhawk (now Hawk Eyes) from Leeds and the Sons of Merrick from London.

In 2006, after three EPs, another drummer replacement, and a lot more gigs, we finally called it a day. We'd played with the likes of Bullet for my Valentine, Capdown, Midtown, Lazarus Blackstar, Charger, Mistress, and loads of other great people, and had a lot of fun doing it all, but we realised we'd probably taken it as far as we could.

Last year, five years since going our seperate ways, we reformed for a couple of gigs in London and Nottingham, remastered our third EP, and put out everything we'd recorded as a nine-track album sold at the shows. All of that has been uploaded onto Bandcamp, and it's free to download. Oh, and I had to re-label it all 'The Legion of Doom (UK)' as some young upstarts over in the US started using the name too.

Anyway, the point of emailing over is just to get the stuff out there a bit more. Even though a few years have gone by since we recorded it all, playing the stuff again last year reminded us of how proud we are of it and how much we enjoyed doing it. So since I uploaded it onto Bandcamp I've tried to spread the word a bit and just pass the stuff on as much as I can. If you guys like it and want to feature it, that would be absolutely great - and as it's free to download feel free to put it on compilations or whatever. Ideally I'd like anyone that grabs it to throw us a like on our Facebook page, and pass the word on, but that's it!"

Well that should tell you all you need to know about this great semi-retired band. Lets hope they get back together at some point as they have written some brilliant tracks like "Antediluvian Motherfucker", "Tennis Bastard", "Iron Aiden" and the mighty "Riff Study".

So headover to BandCampand download this awesome release right now.

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