Saturday 14 July 2012


NIGHT are an instrumental ambient metal band from York, Pennsylvania, USA.

The members are:

Bobby Yagodich - guitar & programming
Matt Jackson - bass
Zach Nace - guitar

NIGHT are an excellent Instrumental Ambient Metal band that incorporates Doom, Ambient, Postrock, Blackmetal & Noise music into their great blend of music.

I will let the band give you a better description of themselves.

"We are "Night"; an instrumental ambient metal band from the US (more specifically York, Pennsylvania). We perform instrumental music that draws heavily from Doom, Ambient, Postrock, Blackmetal & Noise music. The group has been around since late 2007, originally starting as a solo ambient/noise project of one of the current members & has grown over the years into a full-on live band with the addition of other members.

We have included our recently released full-length undertaking, "Offerings". Fans of heavier (and softer) melodic music will definitely find something to be enjoy."

I have listened to Offerings a few times since the band emailed me this week. And its a very heavy and crushing affair to get stuck into. Full of heavy monolithic riffs which runs for an outstanding 56 minutes or so.

Standout tracks include - Grave Rot, Bodach, Shapeshifter and the amazing title track - Offerings.

This is heavy from the word go and something you will find impossible to resist. NIGHT have released a brutal onslaught of top-notch riffs that blends the genres brilliantly well.

It's an outstanding album from a great band to keep an eye on. I would class these guys as Post-Black Metal and they have released one of the finest offerings I have heard this year.

Brilliant Stuff which you can now download for free at BandCamp or Mediafire right now.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: