Wednesday 18 July 2012

Interview with Toro from Doom, Stoner & Sludge Facebook

Today on Sludgelord I am interviewing Toro Degollado who is the main guy behind ace Facebook Group/Community Page – Doom Stoner & Sludge.

Toro's Facebook Page has a hugely impressive 5000 followers. And everyone in the know that Toro plays an important role in the underground Doom, Stoner and Sludge Metal Scenes.

So here is the interview.

Q1 – Hi Toro. Thanks for doing this man. Your do a brilliant job on your page. Can you tell people why and how you started the Facebook Page

The page was started by me being a big fan of these genres had no way to find out what was happening in the scene, so choose to mine and share the bands for me are
relevenates and I like , I have one year in the page and it worked very well.

Q2 – Obviously this is your hobby of sorts. How does it interact with your personal life, job etc ….

I'm lucky because I have a work of administration in which I use a computer and when there is free time I devote myself to find some blog to share. but I spend time
regularly at night.

Q3 – How did you get into Doom, Stoner and Sludge Metal.

I think what brought me to this scene was too much music to listen and be a fan of metal, Doom, Sludge & Stoner genres not pleasant for the first listening, I think you have to understand a little history and its evolution to understand his style and its particular sound,is not a genre accessible, the limited information and lack of shows makes it a genre of Cult. 

I always liked that sound old 70's bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram and know that in 80 and 90 had bands doing the same but with a unique style made ​​me a fan of doom.

Q4 – Your based in Mexico – Is there a big scene for your fave genres of music mainly Doom/Stoner/Sludge

It is curious that the rock scene in Mexico is very low, rock repressed lasted 20 years until the late 80's so has little evolution. There are very few bands, but the few there are doing very interesting things. Many new bands are interested not only in the doom, stoner & sludge, if not already played crust, Black, post, psych, noise, experimental.

Q5 – How do you find the bands you post on the page. Some known and some not well known.

Then I realize new bands with blogs, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube. hear them and if I come to like the share on my site. I always try to share new bands. Many unknown musicians bands send me material such as demos or videos that is the best source.

Q6 – Are you involved with the local scene at all in your home-town.

I am not involved in the city that I live there is absolutely nothing the scene is dead. Just get involved in sharing information on bands and other Mexican cities also go to
shows and support

Q7 – Have you been amazed by the reception you got for your Facebook Page. 5000 fans and counting that is a fucking huge number. Congrats on that.

If I was surprised because it is a totally underground genre, and I'm glad because I'm doing things right, I'm not always share the videos that many Facebook groups, I like my dynamic where there are shows, news, photos , flyers, new music and personal taste.

Q8 – Do you get to a lot of shows in your home-town.

Not here in the city I live there is nothing. I have to move to Mexico City about 2 hours.

Q9 – Do you spend a lot of time researching blogs and websites to feature on your FB Page. As you page is quite in-depth and up to date with the latest news and reviews.

There are several sites that I have enough credibility to the hand are those who use it immediately takes me no time when there is nothing new if it takes an hour to gather some information. share only 10 to 15 a day

Q10 – Do you feel like expanding your FB Page or interest like a bloggers page like mine. Or do you just concentrate on FB only.

I think I will continue on facebook because it is the most immediate way to get followers, Facebook is a small Blog 'has too many very useful tools. If I have a blog and would invest more time and in a business sense.

Q11 – Which blogs and websites do you dig the most.
Most popular blogs share the news among themselves and in a matter of a few hours everyone is talking about it! blogs and more independent and have little information dissemination more dignified, these blogs are the ones I like and make a difference

Q12 – There are some fucking brilliant bands coming from Mexico such as Weedsnake, Akuma, Words and Apocalipsis. Can you recommend any more great bands to check out.

Just mentioned some of the Best, are also bands like: Redlike Circus, The Volture, Maligno, El Diablo, Nazareno el Violento, Antimaster, Apolo, Powertrip, Jesus on Dope, Stalaktos, El Ahorcado, Rhuckuss.

Q13 – Have you done any work on other blogs and websites or just your own FB Page.
Not only here in my page.

Q14 – What are your fave bands out there at the moment. And have you had any contact with them.

Right now my favorite bands are: Ufomammut, Melvins, Om, YOB, Conan, Pallbearer, Tombs, Altar of Plagues and Stephen O Malley. I had very little contact with them, some friends I have them on my facebook page particular, some of them are also on my page

Q15 – What is your stance on bands and websites giving music away for free. Some people are for it and some people are against it.
I am in favor of the idea that it is free, if you download an album that gives you the chance to listen before you buy. Doom in this scene of most of his followers choose
to buy the original material as it is very limited.

I get a lot of pride and pleasure in doing what I do but sometimes I do have days when I feel like is it worth it. But then I think – The Scene needs as much help as it can possibly get due to lack of mainstream exposure. Do you feel your fighting a losing battle at times. (Though my blog still gets hits to this day means I am doing something right).

I have felt the same sometimes, this kind of music will never be mainstream, our commitment is to present the music that we like as music lovers we are! increasingly there are more people interested that means we do things right! I will continue here until copper money facebook me haha

Q16 – What are your long term plans for the FB Page

It is my hobby I mean? I will continue until there is some other alternative or it is obsolete, I'm going with the flow

Q17 – Have you received any cool gifts from bands for doing your FB Page. (I have received a few myself over the past 18 months or so – Though I am in this for the love of the music).
Music I've only received a few important THANKS! (haha) I give to that served

Well Toro that wraps up the interview. Thanks for doing this. Good luck for the future and I will always follow your page as long as it's in action.

Everybody get checking his Facebook Page now. One of the best and most comprehensive Pages on the web right now.