Saturday 14 July 2012

Black Cowgirl - Album Review

Image of Black Cowgirl Double Ep (CD) 2012

Black Cowgirl are a Pysch/Stoner/Hard Rock Band from Lancaster County/Chester County, USA

The members are:

Nathan, Ben, Chris, Mark

Black Cowgirl are a fucking brilliant Pysch/Stoner/Hard Rock Band incorporating elements of 70's style Hard Rock with Modern Stoner/Doom/Grunge vibes to truly stand out from the crowd.

When a band features members from Electric Horsemen and the former drummer of Backwoods Payback you know this stuff is going to be some fucked up groovy vibes. And it is. These guys are staring to make a name for themselves for the great blend of Hard Rocking Stoner Infused Psych Riffs.

They are going to release their eagerly awaited S/T Debut Album or Double EP as they call it on July 31st 2012. Well the guys have kindly let me have a listen and all I can say is WOW!!!.

The album which has 11 awesome tracks and runs for a perfect 31 mins or so will have your senses pumping in no time at all. OK 6 of the songs here are from their 2011 debut EP  but you still get 5 brand new tracks for what makes an excellent album.

This is the first time I have had any exposure to this band. But what a fucking band. These guys can rock with the best of them. So much so they are about to support Clutch/CKY/Fireball Ministry Supergroup - The Company Band on tour. They recently supported CKY themselves.

Well back to the album - If you want riffs then this album has got it in spades. 1st Track - Talk Of Wolves is a 1:41 minute blast of top-notch Psych Hard Rock Riffage. This is a brilliant song to start this outstanding album. Full of passionate vocals that harks back to good old days of Thin Lizzy with its twin guitar worship that had me sold in seconds.

Roadmaster is a 3 minute blast blending 70's Hard Rock Vibes with a cool modern grunge/sludge rock type vibe but all done in a great original way. The vocals are the main selling point of this great song. Full of emotion and passion that draws you in from the word go. Plus it has more great riffs for you to let yourself go to. A perfect head-banging/air guitar tune if I have ever heard one.

The great tracks just keep on coming like The Ride, Alkaline, Eclipsor and Weight of Oblivion. Fuck it all the tracks are brilliant. This album is seriously going to get a lot of praise when it's properly released.

If you want brilliant hard rocking Stoner Rock Riffs that pays homage to bands of past and present then this is the band for you. These guys are lot like recent Sludgelord fave acts - TILTS and Summoner. They all have that instant likeability factor that you will find it hard to resist.

The production is simply sublime. It shows what a hugely talented Black Cowgirl actually are. These guys main business is the mighty RIFF. And judging by this album. Business is booming.

Believe you need to buy this album when it comes out on 31st July 2012. A vinyl release is also following soon after which no doubt I will be buying.

This is some of the finest 30 minutes of hard rocking tunes and riffs you will hear all year. I have to thank the guys for letting me listening to this album as I haven't stopped listening to it for the last week or so.

Black Cowgirl have a major winner on their hands. And these guys are going to get a lot bigger in the next coming months or so. Watch This Space.

My final word is this is a truly outstanding album from another great band for you all to check out now.

Highly Recommended by all ourselves at Sludgelord. Amazing!!!

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