Sunday 8 July 2012

TELEPATHY - Lucretius [Single]

 Lucretius (Single) cover art

Album Type: Single
Release Date: 03/07/2012
Label: Self Released

TELEPATHY are a four piece Experimental/Math/Post-Metal Band from Colchester, England via Rewa, Poland.  On their facebook page, TELEPATHY describes themselves as The kind of thing your mother warned you about. Math influenced sludge metal, intricate soundscapes and a bucketload of riffs

The members are:

Piotr Turek
Albert Turek
Krystian Turek
Richard Powley

TELEPATHY were first featured on The Sludgelord in Sept 2011, when we were asked to review their quite brilliant debut EP Fracture.  You can check out the review of that here.  That EP garnered rave reviews from mags such as Rock Sound who awarded it 8/10 and also from, who described it as "Telepathy is a metal band through and through, but they have the beauty and intelligentsia to rise above any run-of-the-mill, open-D chugging whiners that pervade the current scene".  Great praise indeed.  So the band have been in touch and wanted to inform us about their new single 'Lucretius'.  This was very good news, given that The Sludgelord thought their EP was brilliant.

Well what's in store?  Judging by this track, we can expect big things from TELEPATHY over the next 12 months.  Lucretius is a colossal track and from the outset the noticeable difference from their EP is the sound and tone, it is HUGE!  What we have is a song full of variety.  Atmospheric, check! Massive riffs, check! Face smashing drums, check! Botch style time changes, check!  If that hasn't wetted your appetite, you must be on the wrong blog, because I was an instant fan as soon as I heard it and was downloading their EP straight away.   How this band hasn't been snapped up by a label is a mystery, because they are a truly unique proposition and just a pleasure to listen too. 

The song starts with atmospheric guitars and onto a crushing riff, with a breakdown of drums, followed by another colossal series of riffs, wonderfully accentuated by some natural harmonics for good measure.  The song is extremely progressive and that is the song's strength and it flows brilliantly, with a nice arpeggiated sequence at around the 1m mark, which adds depth and texture to the song.  Then it goes gonzo with the aforementioned Botch/TDEP style mathcore intricate time changes, Hell think Fantomas and you'll catch my drift. The amazing thing is that we're only 2m12s into the track and we have been subjected to veritable feast of variety.

If that wasn't enough, TELEPATHY bring out the big guns!  What follows is another barrage of  big crunching Sludgy Post Metal riffs, counter punching you like a heavyweight boxer to the face, with a screaming alternate picking sequence on the high note ringing out.  Then it sounds like the track gets stuck, with a phrasing sequence of music seemingly looped over and over, with a titanic snap of the snare drum beating us into submission.  It is to the credit of the band that there are so many ideas on the track, however none of it sounds like it was thrown together or out of place, it is totally unique and totally awe-inspiring. 

It all builds to a weighty crescendo and you're kicked in the face once again, by a brilliant final flourish, with a riff that any sludge band would be proud of, and for the final 40s TELEPAHTY have done their job and transmitted their message that you miss out on this band at your peril.  Absolutely 100% 10 out of 10 stuff.  Get downloading now. 

I cannot recommend this song highly enough, so if your into Math influenced sludge metal, intricate soundscapes and a bucket load of riffs.  Check out this band immediately, you will not regret it.

TELEPATHY are fantastic band and it was truly a pleasure to listen to their music.  Don't take my word for it, listen to the track below.  If you like it download and make a small donation in the process.  This track and their debut Fracture is available on bandcamp as one of those name your price type deals.  Finally if that has got you interested in the band, they have informed me that their next EP, is going to be a mixture of the aforementioned track with more Botch style stuff and some tortured background vocals.  It sounds killer!  I for one, cannot wait.  Hope this helps guys.