Wednesday 18 July 2012


Bang Bangalow are a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Milan, Italy

The members are:

Mark G, Loris, Demis, Uber

Bang Bangalow say they are a band moulded and influenced by Post-Rock, Grindcore, Death Metal and Hardcore. Well you will find that hard to believe especially on their new release - NO JOB.

No Job is a hard rocking collection of Hard Rock/Stoner Metal tunes that runs for 5 songs and 27 mins or so. 

It's a total blast from start to finish and it sounds fucking brilliant. Which is not surprising since its been produced by the legendary Billy Anderson.

The 5 tracks on show a top-notch band playing their balls-to-the-wall Hard Rock/Stoner Metal vibes to head-banging perfection.

It might not be the most sophisticated release around but these guys know how to play a mighty fine riff. They pay homage to the legendary NOLA scene at times but with a hint of great Italian Stoner Metal floating through it's veins.

The vocals are handled brilliantly well on all of the tracks. My fave tracks are: Ass to Ass Dust To Dust, Bye Dad I Go Rehab and the epic track 8 minute blast of Pig Farm Massacre.

OK some grindcore based titles there but its anything but. This is top-notch Stoner Metal to listen to time and time again.

These guys might have an ironic sense of humour to their music but you can't deny what great musicians they are. They really do know how to play a great riff with great vocals to match.

Outstanding stuff from a great band to keep an eye on.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below