Saturday 28 July 2012

Black Science - An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever Review

Black Science are a Space Rock/Psych/Stoner Rock Band from Seattle, USA

The members are:

John G - guitar, vox, gadgets, sorcery
Adam Draeger - guitar, vox, keyboards, tomfoolery
Reverend Ryk - bass, keyboards, badassery
g. eichler - beats & brewmastery

Black Science play a highly original mix of Psych Rock, Space Rock and Stoner Metal to brilliant effect. This brilliant band have been on the blog before with their excellent album - Cosmodemonic & Beyond.

Which had an excellent mix of Psych Rock. Space Rock and huge lashings of sublime Stoner Rock which took you into the far reaches of outer space.

Well Black Science are back with their heaviest and most intergalactic work to date. Nothing much of the music has changed from their last excellent release. Just that everything is a bit more trippier and very louder.

An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever – is a 7 song and 54 minute blast of Space Rock riffs mixed with even more bombastic Psych Rock/Stoner Rock carnage.

The album does have a fairly cool story to tell in each of the songs which I am not going to describe as some of them I don’t know what they are on about. Only Black Science truly know what goes on in their own take of Intergalactic Space Rock.

But you will have a blast listening to them and trying to understand the songs yourself. What I think myself will be totally different to your own views. And that is the beauty of this album. It’s open to your own interpretation. From the awesome first track First Contact Manual upto the amazing final 15 minute epic “Our Sentence Is Up”. Which is worth the purchase of this superb album alone.

Black Science are one of the most original bands you are likely to encounter on the Stoner Rock scene today. The amount of ideas they pack into each and every song is astonishing. Full of sublime riffs with dream-like vocals to match the intense Space Rock atmosphere that you don’t hear much of these days.

I once described these guys as Hawkwind jamming with Kyuss and that description sort of does stick at various times. But other times these guys are very hard to categorize.

The album is brilliantly produced and played by all involved. And showcases Black Science’s talent to wondrous effect.

Black Science have released the coolest and most far-out there album of 2012. This is probably the best Space Rock album of 2012. If anything comes close to matching this I want to hear it now as I don’t think nothing will.

This album shows why Black Science are one of the best and most original bands waiting to be discovered today.

Highly Recommended. You bet your intergalactic soul it is. Awesome

You can buy this superb album from BandCamp right now. I urge you all to check these guys out now!!!

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