Sunday 8 July 2012


Year Of The Flood were a Crust/Post-Hardcore/Punk/Sludge Metal Band from Nottingham, UK.

The members are:

CJ - Vox
Mars - Guitar/Vox
Lister - Guitar/Vox
Phil - Bass/Vox
Baz - Drums

Year Of The Flood were a blistering and hard-hitting Crust/Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal band fusing their genres brilliantly well.

They were one of the best Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal bands the UK had to offer but now have sadly split.

Well the guys have released all of their material in one brilliant collection of tracks.- Crisis Fuels The Fire. More info provided from the band below:

"This swansong from Year Of The Flood features 11 tracks of epic and riff-laden d-beat. Drawing together 2 year's worth of material from both sold-out EPs, plus 5 unreleased songs that have all been mastered by Joe C at Subsequent Mastering

This hand-crafted package has been designed by the band and put together by Giant Iron Face, which includes a recycled card sleeve screenprinted with gold ink, and contain a set of photos with lyrics and thank you list printed on the rear

Heavily inspired by the dystopian literature of author Margaret Atwood, with the overriding themes of violence, greed, consumerism and social selfishness that threaten to overwhelm modern society."

Well you can get this brilliant album on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. I recommend you all do this now. As this is a brilliant collection of tracks from a sadly missed band. Brilliant Stuff.

Check This Band Below.