Saturday 28 July 2012


Faces in the Hillside cover art

Burrows are a Sludge Metal Band From South Central Connecticut, USA

The members are:

Matt Streit - Bass/Vocals
J. Kelly - Guitar
Nick Viccione - Drums

Burrows are a superb Sludge Metal band who say they are influenced from Crowbar, Entombed, Neurosis and ISIS.

They have an excellent EP up for free download from BandCamp. Faces In The Hillside is a 4 song and 16 minute blast of top notch Sludge Metal riffage.

So if your a fan of those bands then you will find much to enjoy here as Burrows do include some of those great band's influence into their style of hard hitting Sludge Metal.

It's an excellent EP that you will be listening to time and time again. Especially the brilliant 5:23 minute track Dead Roads which is worth it for the download alone. Awesome Stuff.

The EP is expertly produced that plays to it's strengths right from the start. There is not one bad moment or song on this excellent EP. It's a superb release from a band I want to hear more of. Especially if they venture into Neurosis/Isis territory.

These guys could be onto something special with their next release.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below