Wednesday 25 July 2012


National Sunday Law are an Ambient/Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA.

The members are:

Derek Donley (drums, vocals, synth)
Darin Tambascio (guitars, keys, vocals)

National Sunday Law a very original Ambient Post-Metal band blending Doom, Stoner, Sludge and Hardcore Metal to great effect.

They have released two amazing EP's so far. Both available for free download from BandCamp.

2009 - La Storia di Cannibali
2010 - The Fifth Ape

National Sunday Law received a whole load of praise back in 2009 when they released their acclaimed debut album. It's full of excellent songs you need to check out right now. Especially the awesome "Seconds Left".

The guys involved with this band are involved with some truly great other bands such as.

Derek is involved with The Cruelest Animal, Graviton with Darin and Sacha (from ace Sludge/Post-Metal band - Intronaut)

Derek has just became involved with this brilliant new supergroup - Bereft - a doom supergroup with Sacha, Charles (Abysmal Dawn) and Derek R. (formerly of The Faceless)

Darin is involved with NSL and Graviton.

So these guys are hugely talented and are involved with some pretty cool groups. So check out National Sunday Law. They will blow your fragile little world apart. Epic Stuff from a truly great band.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check My Fave Track - Seconds Left.