Sunday 3 November 2013

Brimstone Coven - S/T (Album Review)

 Image of Brimstone Coven "Sorcerer Edition"
Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 11/2013
Label : STB Records
Brimstone Coven, album track listing :
1). Intro 0:49
2). We Are Forever 3:22
3). The Ancients 3:13
4). Son of the Morning 5:35
5). Lost in the Odyssey 3:54
6). Children of the Sun 5:11
7). Outro 10:41
Bio  :
Brimstone Coven is a retro-hard rock / doom band from Wheeling WV. They created their
personal blend of "Dark Occult Rock" in the early months of 2011.
Corey Roth (Guitar) wrote the first five songs, which would later become the bands self
titled album, and hand picked three seasoned musicians from the area's scene... Andrew
D'Cagna (Bass), Justin Wood (Drums), and "Big John" Williams (Vocals) to carry out his plan
for sonic domination.
Echoing the eerie reverberations of hard rock heavyweights such as Black Sabbath and
Pentagram, mixed with the Classic Rock style of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Brimstone
Coven has created a Vintage sound and style all their own.
Recently, with many shows, the debut album soon to be released on vinyl through STB
Records, new drummer Dan Hercules, and a second album in the works (II) the band strives
to reach a wider audience and secure a spot among rocks greatest.
Look for Brimstone Coven to make a name for themselves in the near future!
The Band :
"Big John" Williams - vocals
Corey Roth - guitar
Andrew D'Cagna - bass
Dan Hercules – drums
Review :
Authenticity, an ability to be authentic or genuine and perhaps for fans who get their rocks off to the sound of guitar driven retro rock music, credibility is paramount in terms of convincing people to part with their hard earned buck.  Why, may you ask is this beatnik reviewer harping on about this?  Well it stems from the dearth of retro inspired bands over the past few years infiltrating our airwaves and in turn into our record collections. 
Many emulate the heroes of yore and yet, others who will remain nameless try too damn hard and thus in turn, merely come across as copyist and therefore undermine the integrity of their music.  So, when faced with the prospect of reviewing, relative newcomers, Brimstone Coven, it was with a great deal of anxiety and trepidation.  It is not that I dislike retro bands, shit I loved The Datsuns from NZ back in the day, great 70 inspired riffs, but that band sank and to that end, new retro bands need to create a style of their own. 
Thankfully with their debut outing, Brimstone Coven have done just that.  I’m hearing more influence from Zeppelin than say Pink Floyd, in terms of discernible comparisons, but this S/T is not simply a  pastiche, consisting  of motifs or techniques from borrowed sources.  What we have is 5 original and skilfully constructed songs.  So, let’s try to break it down for ya. 
Records that are truly memorable are fashioned upon motifs which are addictive and yet repetitious , following the opening salvo of the delightful fragrant intro, with soft harmonised guitars, I hear at least three in the mix; this is a soulful introduction to the band.   Indeed it lends itself brilliantly into the opening riff of We are forever. Coming across as Zeppilin meets 70’s Black Sabbath (The Best Kind), Brimstone certainly have that vintage sound in spades, guitars are crisp, bass feels warm and drums played adeptly, with a looseness that only Messers Moon, Ward and Mitchell (If you don’t already know these dudes, exit left?) are known for.  Great stuff and what a voice, ‘Big John’ is quite the front man with an endearing and rich tone to his voice and yes he sounds Killer. 
The Ancients opens like a cowboy nodding his Stetson to Zeppelin once more, with affectionate riffing lending itself to comparisons to their finest work, think the ‘Immigrant Song.’  Corey Roth, the outlaw, chief protagonist and axe slinger of this posse, is armed with a killer ability of flooring the listener with head nodding riffs and bucket loads of groove.  This tune is just flawless.
Son in the Morning, is all about the rhythm section, brilliant bass riff and subtle drums, which for the most part is repetitive throughout, aided by the guitars admirably.   A Slower track by far, but it engages you from the outset. Big John again produces the goods, demonstrating a fine range to his voice, aided by brilliant backing vocals too.  Guitar phrasing is sublime, with subtle lead guitars. 
What is brilliant about this record is that everything is audible as it should be, feeling warm, but no instrument is overpowering.  Subtlety and delicacy is key. 
Lost in the Odyssey , as Bill and Ted would say, is ‘Most Excellent’. As is the album as a whole.  To me this song is their ode to Black Sabbath, having that feel of The Wizard with hints of Evil Woman in there too.  Check it and you’ll get the gist. 
Whilst this isn’t the most comprehensive review, there is enough on this record to convince even the most hardened sceptics that Brimstone Coven have a brilliant future ahead of themselves. It may not inspire the existence of a utopian society in the future, however based on this set of songs, STB Records have decided to release a rich and a comprehensive vinyl release.  True vindication then, that with these compositions, Brimstone Coven are not only deserving of your attention but that a diehard vinyl spectacular is the very least we can expect from these Retro rock in future.  Party On!
Words by : Aaron Pickford
You can buy the DD here now and vinyl will be available over the coming weeks.  More news as we have it.

Pressing Info:
Sorcerer Edition
"Cyan" blue high grade matching vinyl limited to 125
Heavy weight "Night-shift" blue 100lb card stock
Metallic blue and black inks
Custom art work by W. Ralph Walters
Die Hard Edition
Gold and Silver color in color high quality vinyl limited to 50
Heavy duty 236lb natural white 100% cotton card stock cover
Letter pressed band logo
Incense Scented brown and black oiled inks
Distressed and burned cover to mimic an old spell book..
Custom artwork by W. Ralph Walters
For more information :