Thursday 21 November 2013

Rising - Abominor (Album Review)


Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 4/11/2013
Label : Indisciplinarian Records

Abominor, album track listing:

1) The Disdain 04:34
2) Reproach 03:11
3) Vengeance is Timeless 03:53
4) The Hill Below 03:54
5) Leech 04:45
6) Suffering Nameless 03:53
7) Broken Asunder 04:08
8) The Malice 04:47
9) Gaunt 05:53
Bio :

In 2009 the Copenhagen based metal trio RISING hit the underground hard with its heavy, melodic and organic sludgy metal. The band’s two first releases – the eponymous S/T debut EP from ’09 and the “Legacy of Wolves” single from ‘10 - were both released DIY, but nonetheless widely recognized by international press and heavy music fans alike. Backing those early releases, the band toured Europe twice and played Roskilde Festival (DK) in 2010. In 2011, RISING signed to the German heavy music label Exile on Mainstream, whom released the band’s debut album “To Solemn Ash” the same year. The album is a 49 minute long epic showing the band’s talent for writing vast, metallic anthems while executing the material with fierce attack and sharp production.

In the year following the release RISING played more than 50 shows throughout Europe, here among two full European tours, a Swedish and an Irish tour and not the least festival performances at Copenhell (DK) and Hulstfred (SE), while rounding of 2012 co-headlining the extensive Danish MTV Headbangers Ball Tour. After the tour, the band committed itself to song writing and preproduction before finally recording their second album in April/May 2013 with producer Jakob Reichert Nielsen, whom also recorded “To Solemn Ash” and the S/T EP.
The new album entitled “Abominor” contains nine tracks running 39 minutes displaying a faster, more aggressive and gritty side to the band. From the beginning of the song writing process the band envisioned a somewhat harsher and loose album - a reaction to and a development from the more epic and melodic heavy metallic songs of “To Solemn Ash”.

This shows in the material which incorporates punk and crust influences, not at least aesthetically, while remaining true to the heaviness and melodic sense that has been trademarks for RISING from the beginning. Thematically “Abominor” departs from the band's first album by addressing multiple subjects of darkness, grief and violence. More personal and earthbound than previously, the lyrics depict the frail nature of man; the cowardice and the valor, the hope and the despair that sets the stage for man's interaction and his place in the natural (dis)order.


The Band :
Jacob Krogholt | Guitars/Backing Vocals

On this release :

Jacob Krogholt | Guitars/Backing Vocals
Henrik Hald | Bass/Vocals
Jacob Johansen | Drums


‘Abominor’ is the band’s debut release on ‘Indisciplinarian’ records. It is a bludgeoning statement of intent from the band as they meld together various Sludge and Hardcore influences in the opening track ‘The Disdain’. The vocals are raw yet melodic, which really suits the frantic, atmospheric vibe laid down by the rhythm section. In contrast to the first track, ‘Reproach’ begins with a pseudo stoner groove, before pounding drums and apocalyptic vocals take us over the cliffs of oblivion. A short but sweet song, that really grooves.

‘Vengeance Is Timeless’ provides more skull crushing heaviness, as well as a tasty guitar lead to spice things up. ‘The Hills Below’ sounds like it would go down great in a live setting, as it has that ‘anthemic’ quality. The vocals once again manage to tread the fine line between barbaric and melodious.

In many ways this is quite an uplifting release, as the heaviness is nicely balanced with up tempo rhythms, as in ‘Leeches’ which begins with slight feedback, before devastating the listener with its Primordial style riffs. The guitar is fantastic throughout this song, with some groovy riff breaks and a cool complimentary lead. ‘Suffering Nameless’ carries on from this with a High On Fire style forage into Stoner Doom. ‘Broken Asunder’ is a thrash groove beast, which follows all the hallmarks of a great song. The guitar solo blends seamlessly into the musical arrangement and reinvigorates the almost 80s metal on steroids sound.

The album closes with the dual assault of ‘The Malice’ and ‘Gaunt’. The former is the type of crusty doom we’ve come to expect. More head pounding riffs, and face melting leads! ‘The Gaunt’ closes the album in fine style. The longest song on the record, features more twisting guitar, powerful vocals and possesses a super cool vibe. The bridge gives us one last moment to take a breath, before building back up the main riff motif until closing out with a distant sounding riff. Sign of things to come? I sure hope so!

 All in all, ‘Rising’ have released an impressive album, which straddles the doom/sludge template, but with an extra slice of the band’s own brand of atmosphere and chaos. Thoroughly recommended for fans of High On Fire, Beastwars, and Mastodon. Get it now!

Words by : James Thorne

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