Saturday 30 November 2013

RABBITS - Live Love

Live Love cover art

Rabbits is a self proclaimed Punk-Sludge-Thrash-Trash Metal Band from Portland, Oregon, USA

The members are: Sethro, KG, Booze

Rabbits have become a firm favourite of ours here at Sludgelord HQ. Their blend of Punk, Sludge and Thrash Metal riffs have seen them won praise from fans and critics alike.

Rabbits have released a string of well received EPs and Albums. We reviewed their last one here and Aaron interviewed them back in Oct 2012.

So yeah we are big fans of the Rabbits crew. So when they release a new record of any kind we always check it out. Well Rabbits have released a new album on their BandCamp page called Live Love.

Live Love is 3 separate live Rabbits shows with the band on fine violent sludge-tastic form through out. This is what Rabbits say about the shows:

"The "Live Love" series from RABBITS is a selection of recorded live shows from throughout our history. Each track is a complete show. Some EQ and compression/limiting applied, but minimal editing: little fuss, lots of nuts. These high-quality digital files may reveal limitations in the sound, recording, and/or performance--likely all three. It's almost like being there, and maybe you were.
Set lists are included in the individual track info. Many thanks due to the fans, promoters, hosts, and sound people."

What you get is 3 fantastic separate shows running for about 102 mins altogether. Hear this band in all their audio glory. A brutal and unflinching assault that shows you why Rabbits are such a brilliant band not to be fucked with.

It's available now on Buy Now Download on BandCamp.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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