Saturday 30 November 2013

FRAUD - Forms Unknown

Forms Unknown cover art

Fraud is a Grind/Death Metal Band from Philadelphia, USA

The members are:

Josh Mahesh (Heikousen) - Guitars
Jesse Beahler (Jungle Rot, Rings of Saturn, Antikythera, Nightfire) - Drums
Vocals: Mitchell Luna (Maruta)
Mike 'Gunface' McKenzie (The Red Chord, Stomach Earth, Unraveller)
Mike Hrubovcak (Azure Emote, Vile, Monstrosity)
James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate, Antikythera, Blood of Abel, Hunter's Ground, Nightfire)
Joe Boccuto (Antikythera, BottomFeeder)
Mark Devito (Bottlebreaker, Socks the Destroyer)
Bass - Kevin Elliot (Antikythera), Dave Ehrlich (Cadaveric Spasm), Steven Dever (Heikousen)

Fraud is a fucking brutal and brilliant Grind/Death Metal Band who you seriously all need to check out now. OK - this release maybe for the more extreme metal fan but I fucking loved every brutal minute of this hate-filled 18 minute assault on the senses.

The BandCamp description will tell you all you need to know about their excellent new record - Forms Unknown

A mashup of 10 technical death metal & grind tracks, clocking in at under 18 minutes! Featuring members of Rings of Saturn, The Red Chord, Maruta, Monstrosity, East of the Wall, Heikousen, & More!

Check the awesome line-up involved with this record. Some of the best extreme metal bands around all combining their creative forces to give you nightmares for life. This is the essential Death Metal/Grind Metal release of 2013.

Forms Unknown will leave you in such a state of shock that you may need therapy sessions to get over the audio assault these sonic terrorists put you through. 10 tracks that feature some of the heaviest. loudest, brutal and insane riffs I have had the pleasure to hear this year.

Fave tracks to check out. ALL OF THEM!!!!

The instrumental work is brilliant through out. It will leave you on the edge of your seat. You want something unsettling to fuck up your entire world. Well this is the album for you.

You can download this now on Buy Now Download on BandCamp - if you're feeling brave enough.

Fucking Awesome!!!

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