Friday 15 November 2013

Twilight Of The Gods - Fire on the Mountain (Album Review)


Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 27/9/2013
Label : Season of Mist
Fire on the Mountain, track listing :
1. Destiny Forged in Blood
2. Children of Cain
3. Fire on the Mountain (1683)
4. Preacher Man
5. Sword of Damocles
6. The End of History
7. At Dawn We Ride
Bio :
Heavy Metal is more than just music. Metal is a lifestyle, a state of mind, a passion that never leaves those who get hooked. Out of this burning love for the sound of steel, classic riffs and pounding melodiesTWILIGHT OF THE GODS was born. In the year 2010 the protagonists gathered to pay tribute to one of their main influences: BATHORY. The band even took its name from the sixth album of the Swedish legend and performed BATHORY cover shows. Yet soon the involved musicians felt that they shared similar tastes and were all raised in Metal by bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, and other classics of the 80's.
It was only a question of time until the critical mass of creativity sparked new songs. TWILIGHT OF THE GODS grew from a cover project into a real band and in 2012 their debut album "Fire on the Mountain" was recorded. The line-up consists of experienced veterans of the Metal scene: PRIMORDIAL frontman Alan Averill aka Nemtheanga is joined by guitarists Patrik Lindgren from THYRFING and Rune Eriksen of AURA NOIR, ex-AVA INFERI and ex-MAYHEM fame. The rhythm section consists of EINHERJER mastermind Frode Glesnes on bass and drum wizard Nick Barker (LOCKUP, ex-CRADLE OF FILTH, ex-DIMMU BORGIR, ex-TESTAMENT). These celebrated musicians have created an album that speaks volumes about their sheer enthusiasm for Heavy Metal. "Fire on the Mountain" reflects the joy of its making and a deep respect for the bands that inspired its sound. TWILIGHT OF THE GODSis for those that love, live and breathe Metal. Bang your heads and raise your fists!
The Band :
Alan Averill | Vocals
Patrik Lindgren | Guitar
Rune Eriksen | Guitar
Frode Glesnes | Bass
Nick Barker | Drums
Review :
Destiny Forged in Blood opens up this corker of an album. From the outset, the production sounds like Martin Birch has gotten his mitts on it circa 1983! My initial thought was that most of the tracks could've slotted easily onto Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind or Powerslave. Album opener has some great bass work that is heavy in the mix; the vocals are utterly impassioned; 'a heathen metal call to arms.'
Children of Cain is a more down tempo effort however the track still rocks hard. The riffs are sinister and Averill's vocals once again soar. I genuinely believe that he is the only metal singer that could give Bruce Dickinson a run for his money when it comes to vocal range.
Next track; Fire on the Mountain just needs a baying crowd to call back the obvious call/response opportunity in the opening. This is an arms aloft monster of a track. The drums drive the track throughout. The pace quickens and quickens into an unashamed head down neck wrecker.Preacher Man has some tip top solo work, which helps the song along with Averill's call of 'I never had time for preachers, until I knew I was one.' A preacher he is.
The galloping Sword of Damocles is another joyous slice of classic heavy metal. TheEnd of History is an eight minute epic that uses tempo changes to great effect. The latter stages of the track contains a spoken word element with a lamenting guitar melody before a twin guitar solo of equally lamenting proportion. This more pristine moment is shattered by an absolutely blazing guitar solo before returning to the tracks earlier incarnation.
Album closer, At Dawn We Ride, suggests an anthemic, war ridden journey. You'd be right. It's an exultant battle cry which again uses much of the same formula to devastatingly good effect.
Whilst this record may slip out under the radar, just know this; Fire on the Mountain is a master class in good old fashioned heavy metal. If you see bands with 'core' in their genre descriptions and despair, just find this record, and feel like you've been saved. This is everything that is right about heavy metal. It oozes class on so many levels and will make you want to pump your fist in the air ad infinitum.
Words by : Dominic Walsh
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