Saturday 23 November 2013

Mud Shark - Bonzo Did It

Bonzo Did It cover art

Mud Shark is a Psych Stoner Rock band from Aarhus, Denmark

The members are:

Alexander - guitar + vox
Chryls - guitar + bass + b. vox
Christian - bass + keys
Kasper - drums + percussion

Where the fuck did these crazy rockers come from. Mud Shark are a crazy as fuck Psych Stoner Rock Band with a great sense of humour to their music. Check out the opening seconds to the first track - When You're In Vain - from their excellent EP - Bonzo Did It.

These Hard-Rocking Psych Rockers mix a lot of genres and noises into their music. Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Punk Rock and Pysch. It may come off as a bit crazy at times but you can't deny the fun of it all.

Mud Shark feel like a band stuck in a permanent time warp as they embrace sounds of Hard Rock and Stoner Rock from the last 40 years or so. But still maintaining their unique sound and identity. When You're In Vain shows what this great band is all about. Different noises and riffs combining for an epic 8 minute psychedelic experience. Who needs drugs when you have awesome music like this.

Mud Shark carry on this strange and wonderful psych stoner rock experience through out the EP. It will leave you with a strange warm fuzzy feeling inside. The EP has more cool psych stoner rock riffs to impress you with especially on Line Of Fire and Break Your Spirit Down.

This is an excellent crazy as fuck Psych Stoner Rock EP from a highly talented band. I can't wait to see what they do with a full length release.

You can download this now on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

Excellent Stuff!!!

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