Saturday 23 November 2013

Jagged Vision - Harvest Earth - Album Review

Jagged Vision - Harvest Earth cover art

Jagged Vision is a Hardcore/Stoner Metal Band from Stavanger, Norway

The members are:

Ole Wik, Daniel Vier, Andreas Seglem, Joakim Svela, Kato Austrått

So what does the realm of Stoner Metal have in store for us in 2014? – Well if anything is to go by from this brutal and blistering Hardcore based Stoner Metal Mob – we are going to be in a loud, fast and angry time. As Jagged Vision have delivered one of 2014’s first brilliant Stoner Metal releases with Harvest Earth.

Harvest Earth is a 35-minute blast of fast-paced Stoner Metal riffs spread across 10 brutal tracks that will leave you physically drained. The Hardcore vibe is amped upto maximum levels here. It is an uncompromising assault on the senses.

The album offers a huge blast of dangerous Sludge Metal riffs into the mix as well. This album is brilliantly entertaining as well as being slightly dangerous to your health. Jagged Vision proves they are a band to be reckoned with. The riffs come thick and fast with expertly played hardcore beats giving Jagged Vision sound extra bite.

First track – Darkness in Light – is the perfect introduction to show you what this band can do. Playing some of the fastest Stoner Metal riffs, you have heard in years. The Hardcore element is laid to ground with an almighty hammer from the gods than the mere mortals playing here. Vocalist Ole – is on fire here. His screeching vocals provide a sense of fear lurking in the background. Get used to this style of vocals as they stay brutal through out and it is a wise choice from the band.

After the first track has finished, please take my advice and hang on as Jagged Vision are going to take you for the ride of your life for the next 32 minutes or so. 1 song down and 9 to go. Jagged Vision has more than enough time to make you a fan of their music.

Second Track – No Peace – is aptly named as this track transports you to a desolate battleground only to be confronted with more sublime hard-hitting Stoner Metal riffs to battle through. No Peace. Indeed. Only violent riffs await for you if you are brave enough. However, Jagged Vision starts adding a lot of groove, which you would not expect on an album like this. It shows that Jagged Vision is a hugely talented creative band indeed.

After this track, the band blaze through a stunning collection of tracks for you to devour. Vocals and lyrics are shouted out at you like your life depended on it. Though you will be too busy listening to the epic riffs on show. Tracks such as Path Of Bones, Shadows Glide and Supernova will no doubt prove that Jagged Vision have a brilliant future ahead of them. As these tracks are all perfect examples on how to write brilliantly catchy Hardcore/Stoner Metal tracks with riffs to die for.

5th track – Supernova – is my fave track on the album as it is a 6-minute epic showing what the band can fully do when in full flight. This is where Jagged Vision lay claim to being one of 2014 brightest hopes for Stoner Metal. Supernova has a demented a prog rock edge that fits in perfectly with the Hardcore/Stoner Metal riffs being played right before you. Yeah I loved this track from the very first moment I heard it. This is where I knew this band had true talent.

Jagged Vision up the ante with more bone-crunching riffs played at full force that will leave you breathless through out. If Jagged Vision original idea for this album was to leave the viewer on the edge of their seat and begging for more then all I can say is mission accomplished. This is the most fun and action packed 35 minutes I have had in years .The album had me coming back for more Jagged Vision punishment.

You want more convincing of this band’s talent. Well here are some facts I should have pointed out sooner.

- The album has a track called Spiritual Invasion, which has Philip Cope from Kylesa providing vocals.
- Laura Pleasents (from Kylesa) helped with the layout of the artwork
- Philip Cope (Kylesa) produced the album
- The band is newly signed to Kylesa’s new record label – Retro Futurist.
- The band are supporting Kylesa on their forthcoming Euro 2014 Tour

Need anymore convincing to check out these awesome hardcore bruisers. If it is good, enough for Kylesa then it should be good enough for you. I have previously featured their labelmates – Sierra earlier this year. Retro Futurist has a bright future indeed with two awesome bands as Sierra and Jagged Vision on their books.

But anyway back to the band and album. It is on Spiritual Invasion that Jagged Vision proves once and for all they truly are a force to be reckoned with. Philip’s vocals are perfectly seamed with Jagged Vision bruising riffs.

The band are on fine form through out. The instrumental work is flawless through out. Philip has produced another incredible sounding album. He captures the dangerous essence of Jagged Vision on the album. This is a brilliant album from start to finish.

Thanks to the band for sending me a promo copy to review. Much appreciated guys. Harvest Earth will be available to buy from Retro Futurist Records from Feb 1st 2014 on Vinyl and DD.

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