Saturday 23 November 2013

Tongue - A Night You'll Never Remember Vol 3 : Daydreaming Ride EP

A Night You'll Never Remember Vol 3 : Daydreaming Ride EP (2013) cover art

TONGUE are an Alternative/Punk/Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from Serbia.

The members are:

Vladimir "Ripkid" Bizic - guitars, vocals, music & lyrics
Vojin Klickovic (36 Daggers, Euforia) - drums, bass guitar

So Tongue are back with anticipated new EP. The last part of a brilliant trilogy which I have been following with great interest for the last 18 months or so.

Part 1- A Night You'll Never Remember Vol 1 : Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory ?
Part 2 - A Night You'll Never Remember Vol 2 : All Roads Lead To Me

Plus I interviewed Biza last year when he provided me with a great interview.

So I maybe slightly fanatical about Tongue. Why the fuck not. They make awesome music. So sue me. I am a big fan of this great band.

I am happy to report the band are back with the final part - Daydreaming Ride EP. And it's possibly the best out of the trilogy. Biza and co have definitely saved the best riffs for last.  They have progressed massively since Vol 2. Vol 3 leaves both Vol 1 and Vol 2 in the dust.

The riffs are bigger and better than ever. You only have to listen to Devil's Echo (It's Alright) - to know your in for a wild ride. Just sit back for the next 17 mins or so as Tongue are going to rock your world.

You only have to look at the brilliant EP cover to show you what to expect from this great EP. High octane riffs that will appeal to all serious Stoner Rock fans. The EP has a killer track worth it for the download alone and that is the superb 7:31 minute title track.

Daydreaming Ride feels it was recorded in the legendary Californian Hot Desert Sun and not Serbia where the band originates. This track has a hard-rocking energy that instantly pulls you in an doesn't let go until it ends the EP on an almighty high.

Daydreaming Ride EP is a brilliant finish to such a wonderful trilogy of records. It's graet that Biza ends the trilogy on such an epic and euphoric high. Now you can witness the awesome trilogy as it was meant to be heard. All in one go.

As with previous releases - Tongue have made this release available for free download from BandCamp. So headover there now and download the full trilogy. You can thank me later.

Amazing. End Of.

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