Saturday 9 November 2013

Hang The Bastard - Sweet Mother/Dyad 7" (Review)

Album Type : 7”
Date Released : 16/9/2013
Label : Siege of Amida / Century Media Records

SWEET MOTHER / DYAD 7", track listing :

1). Sweet Mother 05:42
2). Dyad 05:37

Review :

Hang The Bastard have a sweet new piece of wax out, a double tracker that you can spin with your filthy little paws on trad black or (fucking awesome) purple. Sexy aesthetics aside, you should never judge a band by its vinyl.  Well, not just its vinyl anyways.

'Sweet Mother' is a shit-kicker of immense proportions, packed with groove and those ever-important colossal earthmover riffs. A hybrid of Bongzilla, EHG and everything whisky soaked inbetween those two; it stamps its feet and breaks its pint glass. Real fighting music without the knuckle drag that won't follow the rules, which is always what you want from this kind of stuff. Heavy as balls and likely to wake up face down in a gutter somewhere with no memory of the night before.

The opposite side is occupied by 'Dyad'. After a creepy intro its battle stations on the HMS riff. This is an utter beast of a track, the main part cuts like a chainsaw through a cake. It's completely excessive and not suited for the situation at hand at all, which is why I love it. It's so ridiculously heavy that when twinned with the gargled vocals it stands to give you motion sickness. The drumming isn't shuffling its feet nervously in the corner either; it's got a gun to its head. The cymbal work is particularly good; every crash sounds like a shattering windscreen.

You need to part ways with your cash in exchange for this immediately. Highly recommended for any fan of depraved riffs and good times. Which I sincerely hope is all of you.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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