Thursday 21 November 2013

Whores. Clean (Album Review)


Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 29/10/2013
Label : Brutal Panda Records

CLEAN, album track listing

1). Baby Bird 03:42
2). Last Looks 04:07
3). I Am Not A Goal-Orientated Person 02:55
4). Cougars, Not Kittens 01:40
5). Blue Blood 06:40
6). I Am An Amateur At Everything 05:16

Bio :

Formed in Spring 2010, Atlanta, GA noise merchants WHORES (Christian Lembach - Vocals/Guitar, Jake Shultz - Bass, Travis Owen - drums) have quickly become infamous thanks to their crushing live shows and no-holds-barred punk rock attitude. The band signed with Brutal Panda Records in 2011 to unleash their ferocious debut, Ruiner, which went on to receive numerous accolades throughout the heavy and indie music scenes. After numerous tours and shows across the US with the likes of Torche, Kylesa, Fight Amp, The Atlas Moth, Zozobra and many others, WHORES return with their sophomore release Clean. Recorded in May 2013 by Ryan Boesch (Melvins, Helmet, Tomahawk, Fu Manchu) at Parhelion Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA, Clean sees the band refine their crushingly heavy, catchy as fuck rock to violent perfection. WHORES. are sure to be a household name in 2013. Look for them on tour soon!

The Band :

Christian Lembach | Vocals/Guitar
Jake Shultz | Bass
Travis Owen | Drums

Review :

Atlanta has Whores. While this is no doubt factual, I think you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick (what's the matter with you?).

Let's start again. Whores, who HAIL from Atlanta, play one of my favourite brands of the heavy shit, Noise Rock. As a teen of the 90s I worshipped at the altar of Helmet, and eventually got into Unsane in a big way too. All that structured fuzz that is constantly at risk of overloading speakers, and the dangerous nature of the thing. Sure-fire winner in my book, and Whores  are waving that flag so hard it's pole is gonna snap. Their latest release is called 'Clean.' That title is VERY misleading.

'Baby Bird' is overflowing with the aforementioned fuzz right from the start. This motherfucker will sneak into your room and feel you up while your parents sleep next door. A total bad boy in every sense, thick bass underlies a stiff backbeat and Christian Lembach's vocals are outright ballsy. Tremendous lyrics about misbehaving. I'm quite jealous. I very rarely misbehave.

My tracks of the year list keeps getting more over-populated than a Starbucks franchise that's been set up within another Starbucks franchise and it's exactly due to stuff like the ass-shakingly good vibes found on 'I Am Not a Goal-Oriented Person'. This thing is ludicrously catchy, and even from the first listen you know it's gonna end up erupting. That build to the amp-overloading part that eventually appears (listen to it, you'll know what I mean) is a sumptuous ear tease. The riffs on this thing will make you want to bounce off the walls.

'Blue Blood' features some nice Melvins-esque sloth, the kind that peppered their 90s output. There's so much attitude crammed in there that's it's at risk of overlapping itself. Cavernous, completely amp-wrangling riffs build towards overload at the finale. Machines could potentially flat line outright around this. If Optimus Prime was a Generation X kid, his head would implode to this. It's too cool to handle, because it just don't care. PLAY IT VERY LOUD.

This record is so good; it should be illegal for it to exist. I found myself laughing at my computer screen, daring myself to crank the volume as much as I could before the thing packed in, rolled over and gave up the ghost. I didn't manage it, but I certainly had fun trying.

 Whores.  are a phenomenal band, and 'Clean.' is an absolute blast / riot. Seriously, grab it today.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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