Sunday 10 November 2013

Center - Center Of Gravity

Center Of Gravity cover art

Center is a Space Rock/Stoner Rock band from Bulgaria

The members are:

Teodor Nedev -- guitar
Delyan Karaivanov -- guitar
Nikolay Slavov -- bass guitar
Simeon Panov - drums

Center are a brilliant Stoner Rock Band mixing elements of Alternative Metal and Space Rock into their music. They have a great reputation within the Bulgarian Rock scene and they have supported 1000mods, Talbot and Radare as well.

So is their debut album - Center Of Gravity - any good!!! - Yeah it's fucking exceptional. It's blend of eerie based Space Rock spliced with Stoner Rock will speak volumes to you. This album is purely instrumental with splices of ambient based noises to give Center a superb and highly original sound of their own.

First track - In Through - is an almost 9 minute epic showing what these wonderful Space/Stoner Rockers can do once in full flight. The riffs instantly draw you in with the huge epic noises of Space Rock slowly creeping in. Just listen to the amazing riffs around the 6 minute mark.

In Through shows you what to expect for the next 48 minutes or so. Sublime riffs played at a brilliant fast pace. You can tell the album is going to be good from this one track alone. And it is. The band have 8 more outstanding tracks to impress you with.

Check out Morning Dew, Center Of Gravity, Nice and Slow, Ugar for more evidence of this. I have been listening to this album non-stop over the last few weeks or so. It's an album you all need to check out now. If you want a superb Instrumental Stoner Rock band to check out then I can't recommend Center highly enough.

They have written some truly incredible riffs for you to rock out to. The production on the album is immense through out. This album has the power to actually take you to the Center Of Gravity itself. And it's a journey you will be willing to take time and time again.

A brilliant album from start to finish which the band have available on Buy Now Download on BandCamp now. So headover there now and download this excellent album. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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