Saturday 30 November 2013

CASTLES - Fiction or Truth? - Album Review

Fiction or Truth? cover art

Castles is an Noise Rock/Punk/Stoner Metal Band from Belgium

The members are:

Bertrand Bourguignon – Drums
Jérôme Considérant – Electric bass guitar
Edward Godby – Electric guitar and non-electric voice

Castles are a band who made one hell of an impression with me when they released their 2012 debut album - You, The Organ Grinder

You, The Organ Grinder style of Noise Rock, Post-Punk, Hardcore and Stoner Metal had it's fair share of excellent rifs to check out. It's an album I still listen to on a regular basis.

Castles have returned back bigger and better than ever with their brilliant new 2nd album - Fiction or Truth? - A 11 track and 31 minute blast of highly infectious riffs that will speak volumes to everyone that listens to it.

If you're a fan of Torche then your going to love this. Believe me this album is fucking amazing. First track - Palm Reader - shows what Castles is all about. Huge brutal riffs and vocals to match that pack an emotional punch that is very hard to pull off but Castles do this with style and originality.

Castles are highly talented band and prove that You, The Organ Grinder wasn't a one off. Fiction or Truth? is a stunning collection of finely tuned rock tracks with enough power to knock you the fuck out. Castles songs are mainly under the 3:30 minute mark. There are no flashy epic riffs anywhere. Just good old fashioned punk based Noise Rock/Stoner Metal riffs that will leave you breathless on every song.

Just listen to the finely tuned riffs of Palm Reader, Long Distance Runner, Untame and the excellent beautifully played title track - Fiction or Truth? - Castles do show a tender caring rock vibe on some of their songs but wait until their more dangerous and heavier metal edge shows up to crank up the tension. It proves that Castles have a dangerous wild side lurking amongst the more tender moments on the album. It's on these dangerous riffs where the album truly explodes into life and becomes better for it.

Want more evidence how great this album is. Any why Castles deserve your attention. Well they have managed to get Kurt Ballou to Mix and Record their album. Plus Brad Boatwright mastered the album. So apart from the album being amazing. It fucking sounds amazing too.

Fiction or Truth? has it all. Emotionally charged lyrics, brilliant riffs and a band at the top of their game. Fiction or Truth? is superb.

You need this album in your life!!! - Which is good as Castles have this album available on Buy Now Download on Bandcamp until 01/01/2014. So please don't pass this amazing album buy. You will only regret it.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Fiction or Truth? is available on Vinyl from here. Remember people - this album is only available for Free/Buy Now Download until Jan 1st 2014.

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