Tuesday 12 November 2013

Choice Cuts : Melvins - Houdini


Melvins line – up for this recording was :
Buzz Osbourne | Vocals, Guitars
Dale Crover | Drums
Lori “Lorax” Black

Review :

It's been the most successful year ever in the realm of my Melvins fanboyness. I got to review two records, and I also managed to interview Dale Crover. I will always unconditionally pour my love all over them. Ahem.

The most classic Melvins record will differ potentially a hundred times if you ask different Melvins fans their opinion on the matter. But the most votes would probably go to 'Houdini' from 1993, their first major label record. Signed on the crest of the wave of the Seattle sound, I really don't think that Atlantic knew what they were letting themselves in for. I'm glad they were apparent suckers.

'Houdini' has been performed live in its entirety quite a few times. It features a lot of their most famous tracks, too. 'Honey Bucket' is a bona fide solid gold riff, maybe their most popular. It'll always be a total barnburner, a sure way to get any party started. If it were a drink, I'd shotgun it repeatedly. I would happily reek of it for days.

Other great cuts include album opener 'Hooch' (great beat), the Kiss cover 'Goin' Blind', 'Hag Me' and one of my all time fave Melvins riffs, the mighty 'Joan of Arc'. This is Sludge before it really had a name or a face. With this record the Melvins pretty much became both of those things. And with some incredible artwork from the master of the concert poster, Mr. Frank Kozik (google that name), 'Houdini' excels on all levels. An absolute diamond.

Words and recommendation by : Matt Fitton

Album Details :

Houdini is the fifth album by  Melvins, released 21 September,  1993 on Atlantic Records. The album was the band's major label debut after releasing their previous albums on the independent label Boner Records.

Houdini Track listing :

1. Hooch 02:50
2. Night Goat 04:41
3. Lizzy 04:44
4. Going Blind (Kiss Cover) 04:32
5. Honey Bucket 03:01
6. Hag Me 07:06
7. Set Me Straight 02:25
8. Sky Pup 03:50
9. Joan of Arc 03:36
10. Teet 02:51
11. Copache 02:45
12. Spread Eagle Beagle 10:13

Though credited, Lorax did not perform most or all of the bass parts on the album. Buzzo and Dale, though not credited, performed some parts, as well as Billy Anderson. Official credits are listed.

The Japanese edition features a bonus track
14.Rocket Reducer #62 (Rama Lama Fafafa).
Music videos were made for "Honey Bucket", "Hooch", and "Lizzy". One of the videos, "Hooch", saw moderate airplay on MTV and even on "Beavis and Butthead".
Released on vinyl in North America on
Amphetamine Reptile Records

If you haven’t heard this band or this record, go check em’ out. We’ll be back next week with yet more, Choice Cuts of Doom!!  So until then, stay metal and Doom On!!

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