Tuesday 26 November 2013

Vinyl Corner : Round Up - November 2013

I try to give you stuff I like that you haven't already seen and heard all over cyber-space already. Here's a couple heavy underground records you may not know about yet. Check 'em out.

Mega Low Blue Gravity Stallion cover art


Remember how it felt when you had your ass handed to you by Low Gravity last year? How their full-length, Incarnadine, quickly slapped you upside the head with stoner-metal riffage, and then left you for dead, drooling on the floor? Hope you're a glutton for punishment because the Denver drinkers with a music problem are back - this time with vinyl - and they've brought along a few friends to help finish you off. Pussy.

Low Gravity teamed up with Mega Blue Stallion this summer for Mega Low Blue Gravity Stallion (Sailor Records), a 4-track, 10" color vinyl split that's been crushing my skull for a few months straight. There may be permanent damage. One song from each band on both sides, yet Low Gravity take up most of the wax with theirs, "Sacagaweeduh" and "Sexual Matador", which are the longest, averaging about 7 minutes. While Mega Blue Stallion only take up about 7 minutes total with their contributions, "Destroy, Rebuild" and "Conspiracy", they make their mark and leave quite an impression on me with their own take on heavy mountain-metal.

Transparent blue vinyl with vibrant orange splatter (Denver Broncos colors). Dig.


BLACKOUT - We Are Here

Yes. Yes you are. My only question is: Where the hell have you been? Brooklyn cave-metal trio Blackout appeared suddenly to me, like...well, like a fucking immediate citywide blackout would, I guess. I'd been in the dark, but recently heard a song on the Soggy Bog Of Doom radio show, found them on Bandcamp, clicked 'play' and got blown away. I didn't know anything about the band, I only knew there was vinyl available and I enjoyed the music. I love that certain heavy guitar tone, the rough riffs, those soaring vocals - and the damn artwork. Nice.

Then I learned more. Turns out there's a one-legged frontman and a former Hooter's waitress in the mix, and for some reason that made me like them even more. I have no idea why that mattered to me, when all I should care about is the way the music strikes me. We Are Here does it hard. I'm almost certain you'll get into this record. If not, I'm sorry.

Six tracks: bass-filled, intense tunes, with the first ("Indian") and last ("Seven") being essential listening for me. "Smoker" and "Columbus" are a couple more throttling faves. 180-gram black vinyl with insert. Blackout.


Support the underground.

-- Heddbuzz