Tuesday 19 November 2013

Slowjoint - S/T Album Review

Slowjoint is a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Denmark

The members are:

Dennis H Petersen - Lungs n' bass
Patrick Bondig - Guitar
Benjamin Kock - Drums

Slowjoint is a band who we have featured twice before when I reviewed their excellent debut EP and interviewed them earlier this year. Well these crazy sludge rockers are back with their debut album, which is due for release in early 2014. This album is so hot off the press I do not even have an album cover for it as it is still being designed. In addition, I was only told of the song titles the other day.

Side A

Pocket Wool
Brown Cheese
Pull My Finger
Beer for Bongwater

Side B

Cheap Red Wine
Up Shit Creek
Which Hunt?
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. High

The copy that the guys sent me were imaginatively entitled – Side A and Side B. Simple instructions for this simple-minded reviewer. So let us get down to business. 33 mins of pure heavy Sludge soaked riffs with added bite with the crunching Doom/Stoner Metal riffs thrown in for good measure.

Side A of the album consisting of the first 4 songs is 19:43 minutes of pure unrelented heaviness from these hugely talented Danes. Riffs are played down-tuned and bass heavy from the word go. These guys do not believe in sophistication. They rely on their undeniable raw talent in leaving a trail of destruction behind them. But what can I say about the riffs. Loud, Heavy, Angry, Down-Tuned, Fuzzy as Heck. These riffs could have been made from the legendary NOLA scene instead of Denmark of all places. NOLA vs Denmark. But you cannot deny that Slowjoint are doing something that they truly love. And that is too play loud as they can. Things do get very loud indeed.

OK – Slowjoint – might not be playing the most original of sounds. But their album has some awesome dangerous riffs indeed to rock out to. If you are a fan of Weedeater, Buzzoven and Bongzilla then you know what to expect. Hazy, loud and crazy riffs for you to worship to. Slowjoint will make you a believer of their music from the very first listen of the album.

Side B of the album consists for 4 more excellent tracks though I do not know where they begin or end. So take it as one epic journey of loud crunching riffs with band showing the world what Slowjoint is all about. Yeah it may not be the most sophisticated of sounds but damn, what a great ride this is. Fuzz Laiden NOLA based riffs will have you begging for more. The 14 minutes or so just flies by. Slowjoint pile on the pressure with huge riffs played at full throttle.

Slowjoint add a distinct Blues Rock vibe to their music. It gives their music a creepy edge when the time calls for it. Imagine Church Of Misery but with more humour and that is the best way to describe Slowjoint’s music especially when they add different noises and voices to their music.

I think I have gone on long enough about this album. Slowjoint have delivered an excellent debut album that should win them a few fans within the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene in 2014. The album is the cure to those post-winter blues and Slowjoint are the Doctors of Sludge advising you to take your medicine. It is an order you cannot ignore…

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to The Band for sending me a promo copy. The album will be released in 2014 hopefully with finished artwork and even the album may have a name then. So maybe I may review this album again once it's officially released. Never a dull moment with Slowjoint around!!!

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