Sunday 3 November 2013

Sea Of Bones - The Earth Wants Us Dead - Album Review

The Earth Wants Us Dead cover art

Sea Of Bones is a Psych Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Band from Connecticut, USA

The members are:

Gary - Bass & Vocals
Kevin - Drums & Vocals
Tom - Guitar & Vocals

Has it been 6 long years since Sea Of Bones debut album - The Harvest. If you haven't heard The Harvest then I seriously recommend you track it down now as it's an unflinching brutal ride. But it's nothing compared to the nightmarish visions of their epic new album - The Earth Wants Us Dead.

A sprawling 6 song and 92 minute epic. Yeah that's right people. 92 minutes of sprawling epic Sludge based Drone/Doom riffs that will test your patience to the limit. The Earth Wants Us Dead is a more like a physical endurance challenge testing you to last until the very end. Between there and then you will have many obstacles to overcome. Punishing drone based riffs will drag your entire being through hell.

First track - The Stone, The Slave and The Architect is a bruising almost 9 minute encounter laying down the nightmarish riffs that will await you for the next 92 mins or so. The vocals add a very dangerous edge to the albums atmosphere. Include the heavy pounding instruments being played at extremely loud levels then this song should be a warning to you if you can't last the distance as Sea Of Bones don't hold back.

This is unflinching Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal at it's most creative and uncompromising. Sea Of Bones have been classed as Neurosis clones over the years. Not anymore as this album goes to places that even Neurosis wouldn't dare go to. Sea Of Bones craft a harsh and dangerous environment that will last long in the memory.

Moods and atmospherics collide at every turn with danger lurking at every corner. Sea Of Bones pull no punches and they make no apologies either for unleashing their bleak dark message onto an unsuspecting world. Tracks such as Black Arm and Failure Of Light are used to pummel the listener into submission through heavy distorted riffs that will leave you in a deeply terrifying state. Halloween may be over but Sea Of Bones have crafted a terrifying album powerful enough to scare the hell out of you anytime of the year.

The band have included some pretty damning statements of humanity on this record. It will speak to you on an emotional level such is the power of this amazing album. Sea Of Bones deserve praise for delivering an incredible statement of power on the album. It may be unsettling to listen to at time but you can deny the sheer poetic beauty of it all. Even on harsher tracks such as Beneath The Earth and The Bridge.

Two tracks that will have you thinking - WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I JUST LISTENED TO!!!. The instrumental work is immense through out. Though the last track - The Earth Wants Us Dead - even tested my patience at times. A sprawling 39 minute track which is mainly a Drone based Sludge/Doom track played at a mid-tempo. Fans of Sunn 0)) and Earth will no doubt love this track as it sees the band perform epic drone based riffs to drown your soul to.

I think this track would of been better split through out the album on separate tracks. But I respect the bands vision and choices for including it as the last track. It does leave the album on a hypnotic and dangerous edge.

The Earth Wants Us Dead is a powerful and chilling vision that you all need to experience once in your lives. Sea Of Bones have crafted a haunting and exhilarating masterpiece that should cement their reputation as one of the heaviest and most creative bands currently out there.

A triumph on every level.

Thanks to Earspilt PR for sending us a promo to review. The Earth Wants Us Dead is now available to buy on BandCamp now.

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