Tuesday 26 November 2013

Mühr - Messiah - Album Review

Messiah cover art

Mühr is a Psychedelic Ambient Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Amsterdam, Holland.

The members are:

Bass, vocals: ZA
Guitar: IJV
Guitar: GW
Drums: HH

I featured Mühr on the blog back in April 2011 when I featured their brilliant debut release - Shepherd/Blood.

Fast forward 3 years later and Mühr are back with their debut album - Messiah. One massive epic 48 minute song to chill your soul to. Mühr blend Ambient based Psych Doom Sludge Metal riffs through a kaleidoscope of different noises and sounds that will delight and frustrate you in equal measure.

The heavier riffs are held in the first half of the album while the second half the album features solely on the Ambient/Drone nature of Mühr's music.When Mühr are loud they are really fucking loud. Huge vibrations with enough power to shake your world to the core. Though when they play their quieter drone based sounds is where you begin to see the true talent of this amazing band.

Mühr are sonic masters at blending noises and sounds which will keep you on edge through out. Some people may get frustrated that the louder riffs are kept to a minimum for the last 20 mins or so but Mühr show what masterful musicians they are. The atmospherics will put the best sound system on the planet through it's paces. Crushing distorted riffs paired against the ambient based background gives the album an unforgiving dangerous edge.

Mühr have excelled themselves on this release as Messiah is a beautiful and haunting ride into the unknown that will have you coming back for more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Messiah is available on Digital Download from BandCamp and Vinyl here.

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BandCamp - You can download their incredible 2010 debut release Shepherd/Blood on Buy Now Download.