Friday 1 November 2013

Cult Of Luna - Vertikal II (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 20/9/2013
Label : Indie Recording

VERTIKAL II, track listing :
1. Oro
2. Light Chaser
3. Shun The Mask
4. Vicarious Redemption (Remix by Justin K. Broadrick)

The Band
Johannes Persson | Guitars and Vocals
Magnus Lindberg | Drums and Studio-Engineering
Erik Olofsson | Guitars
Andreas Johansson | Bass
Anders Teglund | Keyboards and Electronics
Fredrik Kihlberg | Guitars and Vocals
Thomas Hedlund | Drums and Percussion

Review :
So here we are people, what you've all been waiting for. That's right - the long awaited sequel to my Cult Of Luna review from earlier this year! You lucky, lucky bastards. Also, there is a sequel out to the last Cult Of Luna record, called 'Vertikal II' (son of Vertikal? I kid). A companion piece EP that sounds just wonderful.
'Oro' is of a somewhat similar vein to 'The One' from the previous outing, electronically tinged beats echo in and out of existence and conjure up the feeling of future, or space. This new track is guitar driven though, beautiful and elegant, laced with some lighter than air vox. It's heart warming stuff, and it'll melt your worries. Classic COL, the power to move you.
'Light Chaser' is also quite elegant in structure, and will easily capture your imagination. It's a very spirited track, the serenity of the guitar is balanced by the mid-range beat, and the other side of the dark / light equation is countered by the growled vocals. Post-whatever you want, truth is it works, and that's why people love the genre. More importantly, that's why they love the soaring compositions of Cult Of Luna.
Merit badge goes to one of my heroes (new Jesu rules!), Mr. Justin K. Broadrick for his blissful remix of the original Vertikal's 'Vicarious Redemption', featured here in a closing position at the very end of the EP. Not to take anything away from Luna, because they obviously created the originally stunning source material. But Justin weaves his magic touch to the fullest of it's extent here, with gorgeous keys and lo-fi soul searching. And when it does get heavy, it still remains an other-worldly experience. Truly exceptional.
All in all, 'Vertikal II' is by no means some unsavoury cash-in. Fully capable of standing not only proudly on it's own as an independent release, it also fits perfectly with the themes and the soundscapes constructed within it's predecessor cousin. If you're a fan of the original, don't hesitate to snap this up straight away.
Words by : Matt Fitton
You can buy it here