Wednesday 6 November 2013

Doublestone - Wingmakers

Wingmakers cover art

Doublestone are a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Copenhagen, Denmark

The members are
Bo Blond - Guitars, Vocals
Kristian Blond - Bass
Mike Bruun - Drums

Well folks what we have now is the finest Retro Rock 70's style Hard Rock/Stoner Metal album of the year. Make no question but Doublestone have released an amazing debut album with Wingmakers.

This summer Doublestone recorded their debut album in a dirty basement in Copenhagen, with Tony Reed of Mos Generator/Stone Axe/Heavy Pink fame. Tony Reed is one of my all-time fave musicians and you know this album is going to sound amazing with Tony's involvement. Thank fuck it does.

Doublestone have been on this blog twice before when I featured their previous two excellent EP's with the most recent being here.

But the band have excelled themselves here with Wingmakers. A wonderful collection of songs that takes the heavy and hazy vibes of 70s Doom Metal and mixes it with modern Stoner Metal riffs. The perfect balance where so many retro-rock bands have failed to deliver this year. But Doublestone prove they are masters of the riff here. Wingmakers will take you back to your youth where the music mattered and not bands trying to make a fast buck with no fucking talent at all!!!

What has that got to do with this album. A lot actually. Doublestone play music because they love to play and to entertain the hell out of you. That's what a great band should do. Play great music and entertain the hell out of their fanbase.

Save Our Souls is the first track that blazes it's away down your earphones. This album will have you hooked from the very first riff of this excellent track. Doublestone play a whole range of genres but don't stick to one overall vibe.

Doublestone go through Classic Rock. Doom, Stoner, Hard Rock and even Sludge. All great genres this blog ultimately stands for. So Doublestone are the quintessential Sludgelord band. Playing superb riffs from start to finish which oozes bags of originality.

The band blaze through a superb set of songs that will leave you with a huge smile on your face. I dare you not to rock out to great tracks such as Wingmakers, In The Forest, The Storm Is Coming and III III III (Götterdämmerung). All of the tracks have a hypnotic magical vibe that you will instantly fall for.

Fans of Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Kyuss, Kadavar and Uncle Acid should rejoice as I would like to introduce you to your favourite new rock band. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Doublestone. Watch these guys soar!!!

Look I have gone on long enough. Wingmakers is fucking brilliant. If you want a more in-depth review then please read PARANOID HITSOPHRENIC blog's review written by our good friend and regular Sludgelord contributor - Lucas.

This album is going to explode within the Stoner Rock scene over the next few weeks. Mark my words. Doublestone are on the verge of greatness!!!

It's also great that Doublestone have this up for Free/Buy Now Download on BandCamp. So headover there now and download this amazing album. You seriously have no excuses for not checking this out. Do it now!!! - You can thank me later.

For you vinyl collectors - Available on 12" 180g vinyl, please write for regular presale. The price is 22 Euros + shipping.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Wingmakers is now avaliable on Buy Now Download on BandCamp.

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