Friday 15 November 2013

Noala - Humo - Album Review

Humo cover art

Noala is an Experimental Sludge/Post-Metal Band from São Paulo, Brasil

The members are: Rodrigo, Sandro, Marcos, Estevão e Alessandro

They say – Variety is the spice of life. Well if that is the case then the next band can be considered on of the most dangerous spices on the planet. As Noala play some very dangerous Sludge/Post-Metal that makes for some very uncomfortable listening at times.

Noala blend Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal and Industrial Metal for a loud distorted attack on the senses. Their new album – Humo – is 7 tracks and 60 minutes of finely tuned Sludge/Post-Metal riffs that will leave you in a state of shock and wonder. Noala are brutally heavy through out the album.

Imagine Neurosis jamming with Nine Inch Nails with both bands at their loudest and angriest levels and that is how to describe Noala’s music. Humo will leave you mentally exhausted with it’s brutal style of riffs changing from poetic Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to the harsher industrial based sounds the band play at loud dangerous levels.

If you want something different to hear in the realm of Sludge/Post-Metal then I cannot recommend Humo highly enough. The 60 minutes on offer here show a truly original band that deserves your attention now.

Great tracks to check out are – Nostalgica, Canis Majoris, Snake Skin, Dataglove and Joysticks and Senil. Noala have included some truly epic tracks ranging from 8 mins to 15 mins in length. And it is on the epic tracks where Noala show their true talent by blending different soundscapes with harsh vocals and riffs come crashing down at you.

Humo is a masterclass of Experimental Sludge/Post-Metal. It is available to download on Buy Now on BandCamp. So do yourself a favour and headover there now to download this superb album. You will not be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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