Friday 15 November 2013

Vinyl Corner : WHILT - S/T (7" Review)

 WHILT cover art

Whilt is a Weed laden, Beer Soaked Heavy Doom/ Down-Tempo Metal Band from Denver, USA

The members are:

hutch bercow-guitar
mike dread-drums
joseph weller myer-bass/vocals

'inhale. Born of necessity from the granite of the great rocky mountains, fueled by copious amounts of weed, alcohol and other various drugs, inspired by life and death and other natural phenomenon.
This is WHILT.'

Sorry I've been kinda quiet lately but good things are worth waiting for. Sludge-lovers, do I have a tasty, affordable treat for you.

Denver trio WHILT surprised the hell out of me when I recently stumbled across their self-titled 7" record. It was just what I needed: two tracks of uncompromising, heavy-as-granite stoner sludge, both of which are about six minutes long. Thick, fat riffs. God-of-Thunder grooves. Vocals that would scare off a grizzly. It's my (and your) kinda stuff.

"Where did you find this?" you might be asking. Well, I was stalking In The Company Of Serpents and noticed the drummer was in another band. A little more snooping and I found out that Joseph Weller Myer is also the bassist/singer in WHILT so a couple clicks later I was banging my head and buying a record at the same time. I've played the hell out of this sonofabitch already and I'm really itching for more.

If you think this will be like ITCOS, think again. It's not. This music is much more extreme sludge-based doom in my opinion and it reaches me on another level - which is way the fuck up there.

Just do me a favor please and check out the Bandcamp stream. You're gonna like it so go ahead and visit their page where you can get the record for a mere $5. And check out the cover art by Sean Schock. Want a shirt he designed to go with the vinyl? Sure you do. WHILT have a $15 bundle under the 'merch' tab. Didn't see that until I already had the record dammit.

Labels, you'll wanna hear this too.

(Note: The stream starts with the 2nd track, "Black Leaves". Click reverse to hear the 1st, "Aggregate".)

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