Tuesday 26 November 2013

Groan - Ride The Snake - EP Review

Ride the Snake cover art

Groan is a Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Four Corners Of The UK.

The members are:

Mazzereth - Vocals
Mike Pilat - Guitar
Jimmy Beedham - Guitar
Leigh Jones - Bass
Zel Kaute - Drums

Groan have had quite a career in the last 4 years or so. Two critically acclaimed albums from fans and critics alike have seen Groan labelled one of the UK's best Doom/Stoner Metal bands though their sound is very hard to define.

Their last album - The Divine Right Of Kings - impressed the hell out of me when I heard it earlier this year when I bought it. Groan's sound takes the best bits of UK Rock Music from the last 30 years or so and turns it on it's head.

Stoner, Doom, Hard Rock and NWOBHM combine for thunderous hard rocking affair. Groan call their music Doom 'N' Roll and that is an accurate description. Well Groan are back with their excellent new EP - Ride The Snake.

A 5 song hard-rocking affair on for a riff-tastic 25 mins or so. First track - Women Of Doom - opens with a sublime riff that will have you rocking out right away. Mazzereth is channelling his inner Bruce Dickinson persona as his vocals have a similar vibe to that legendary rocker. But this song is all Doom and Stoner Metal riffs wrapped up in one awesome head-banging package.

2nd track - Drug Lord - carries on the superb hard-rocking vibes from Women Of Doom but with a simple but effective singalong chorus to sing along to. Groan manage to combine the best moments of 70s Hard Rock, 80s NWOBHM and modern day Stoner Metal riffs into something down right groovy.

3rd track - Slice Of  That Vibe - is a more intense affair with Groan playing some of the fastest riffs of their career. The band have written more top-notch lyrics to remember so you can sing at your hearts content and not give a FUCK what anyone else thinks. This track has some awesome Thin Lizzy dual guitar worship going on and that is no bad thing in my book!!!

4th track - Blessed Is My Blade - is more of the same awesome riffs that Groan have played throughout this excellent EP. Groan have hit upon the perfect formula of playing crazy insane catchy as fuck riffs. If it aint broke why change a God Damn Thing.

Though the band have left the best track for last. The epic 8:24 minute track - Citadel Of Chaos - that sees Groan expertly combine Doom, Stoner, and NWOBHM riffs that Iron Maiden would be proud to call their own. Well this track does have a certain Iron Maiden vibe to it if they ever decided to go Stoner Metal style.

OK. Ride The Snake is fucking superb. There is no denying that Groan are going to be one of the UK's biggest Doom/Stoner Metal bands in the years to come. I can't wait to see where they go from here.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Cat at Southern Cross PR for sending me a copy to review. Ride The Snake will be available to buy from Superhot Records BandCamp Page from 10th December on Digital Download and CD.

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