Sunday 3 November 2013

Doomriders - Grand Blood (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 15/10/2013
Label : Deathwish Inc

GRAND BLOOD, album track listing :
1). Intro
2). New Pyramids
3). Mankind
4). Grand Blood
5). Dead Friends
6). We Live In Shadows
7). Death In Heat
8). Back Taxes
9). Gone To Hell
10). Father Midnight

Bio :
Grand Blood from Doomriders is the follow-up to their highly regarded 2010 album Darkness Comes Alive. Grand Blood was engineered by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, and features artwork from Thomas Hooper as well as packaging from Ryan Patterson (Coliseum) and J. Bannon.
Where Darkness Comes Alive was smooth and heavy in tone, Grand Blood is jagged and hard in its heart. Grand Blood is Doomriders pushing themselves into wilder sonic territory previously unexplored by the band. In songs like "Back Taxes" and "Bad Vibes", an angular noise rock influence takes the lead, creating a harsh and charged environment. Not to fret, the hooks Doomriders are known for are as sharp as ever though, sinking into songs like the personal "Dead Friends" and melodious and emotional "Gone to Hell" - two songs that impressively showcase Nate Newton's evolving vocal ability. Meanwhile, monsters "Father Midnight", "New Pyramids", and "Death In Heat" are Doomriders at their heaviest and most discordant to date, all complimented by new drummer Q (Magic Circle, Clouds, etc), whose frantic style powers this genre crossing masterpiece

The Band :
Nate | Guitar, Vocals
Jebb | Bass, Vocals
Chris | Guitar
Q | Drums

Review :
I loves me some Doomriders. As a Converge nut, I remember being really excited when I heard that Nate Newton (he of the bass) had a little summat goin’ on the side. When 'Black Thunder' came out many moons ago I fell completely in love with its skate punk n' roll feel. So I was mighty chuffed when Aaron dropped their latest effort into my lap, the highly promising 'Grand Blood'. And as it turns out, they make good on all that promise.
'New Pyramids' is some hot shit, with its rolling concussive drum blasts and its hedonistic opening six-string screech. Said screech does reappear at various interludes, but it's bolstered either side by some tasty low-end meat. Riffs like a great steak, grilled to perfection. Newton's vocals are as good as they ever were, considering that they aren't really even a factor in his day job too. Impressive stuff right here.
The self titled track is savage rock and roll beast, champing at the bit. More stellar drum work (the new guy is really earning that paycheque); all smooth at one point, and then knocking the shit out of life itself the next. Special mention for Newton's more clean vocals on this particular track; he sounds almost reminiscent of Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan here. Which is obvious high praise, considering how fucking ace Ragan is on the old pipes.
'Death in Heat' is pretty damn dirty. Slow and monolithic, a depth charge wrapped in bad intentions and then deep fried in freshly squeezed hate oil. Like Danzig meets Melvins (how good would THAT be?), evil and sludgy and delicious. When it does begin to up the rhythm it only hammers home even more how truly weighty this track is. Absolutely filthy, and absolutely brilliant. I think I need a cold shower.
'Back Taxes' sounds like the bastard offspring of the Stones and Entombed. They say that birth, taxes and death are the only sure things in life. They should add the word 'back' before the tax part in that expression. This is a sure thing too - sure to make you wanna move, sure to bring a smile to your face, and definitely sure to please.
Doomriders have returned with a bang, and 'Grand Blood' will continue to cement Newton as 'not just that Converge guy'. Add to the fact that it's produced by co-conspirator Kurt Ballou (always a guarantee to success) and we have another hot record for 2013. Equal parts Rock and Roll, equal parts Hardcore, but always quintessentially Doomriders.
Hooray for having 'other' bands, eh?
Words by : Matt Fitton
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