Sunday 10 November 2013

Live Review : Vista Chino, Newcastle Academy 2, UK, 6/11/2013

So I have just finished interviewing Brant Bjork for the blog and now it's time to see the main man in action along with the rest of the Vista Chino brotherhood.

John Garcia - Vocals
Brant Bjork - Drums/Vocals
Bruno Fevery - Guitar
Mike Dean - Bass

Vista Chino have been through so much in such a short space of time. A lawsuit threatened their existence when they were under the Kyuss Lives banner. But the band regrouped and came back with a new name - Vista Chino - and a stunning debut album - Peace.

Originally the gig was supposed to be held in the bigger Academy 1 but was downgraded to Academy 2 probably due to lack of interest. Shame on the Geordie Rock public for missing this excellent gig. As Vista Chino did play to a full capacity 300 crowd within Academy 2.

There was only one support band - Monster Truck. A Stoner/Rock and Roll Band from Canada. Monster Truck did play a blistering set to the highly appreciative crowd for 40 mins or so. But something didn't quite click with me with the band. I felt I had it seen done all before and that the band brought nothing new to the scene. But they did play a blistering set which left the audience begging for more. So what do I know.

Well after that - Vista Chino - came blistering onto the stage with Kyuss legends - Brant Bjork on Drums and John Garcia on vocals with Bruno Fevery on guitars and Mike Dean on bass. The band got down to business right away playing one Adara from their critically acclaimed album - Peace. It got the crowd jumping right away seeing these legends in full flight.

Up next was a Kyuss classic - One Inch Man - which the audience lapped up in spades. We all knew that Vista Chino would be playing through Kyuss impressive back catalogue and this was one of many classics that they played to a truly appreciative audience.

Vista Chino played a mixture of new tracks from Peace - Dargona Dragona, Sweet Remain and As You Wish and stunning renditions of the Kyuss classics such as Hurricane, Gardenia, Asteroid, Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop.

Well you get the idea. The best of both worlds for fans to rock out to. The band didn't disappoint through out their 100 minute set. All of the band were on brilliant form through out. Sure John may have lost some power from his vocals since Kyuss but you can't deny what a brilliant frontman he is. When he does hit the high notes the whole audience is captivated at what he has to say.

Brant is a whirlwind on drums as usual. He is the backbone of this great band. His drumming is what drives this band through. Powerful licks are played like gunfire with the rest of the band trying to catch up with him. A powerful force of nature indeed. Though he is brilliantly supported by Bruno on guitars and Mike on bass respectively.

Vista Chino have hit the jackpot with Bruno on guitar. He is a phenomenal guitarist and he proves this time and time again when laying down some epic riffs for the crowd to rock out to. But I have to say the biggest surprise of the night has to be Mike Dean on Bass.

Mike Dean is an unstoppable force of energy on bass. Moving around like a guy half his age. Hard to believe that Mike is 50 years old. He was moving around like a guy in his early 20s. His bass playing was amazing through out. He gives Vista Chino a brilliant hard rocking edge which sadly has been lacking in QOTSA for many years.

I think I spent more time looking at Mike on Bass than the band performing as a whole as he was that good. Possibly the best ever performance I have seen from a bass player and I have seen John Entwhistle play bass for The Who.

Vista Chino did a brilliant encore with Brant singing vocals on Planets 1 & 2 which ended with a loud and blistering instrumental jamming session from Brant, Mike and Bruno showing the crowd why Vista Chino are such a great band to watch and listen to.

To end the set Vista Chino played two more Kyuss classics - Whitewater and Odyssey - which left the audience begging for more. It was a great end to such a brilliant concert. Vista Chino thanked the audience for their love and dedication at the end of the gig. Well on this form I think it's love and dedication that will last for many years to come.

Kyuss Lives may be dead.... - But Long Live - VISTA CHINO!!!

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