Tuesday 19 November 2013

Atlantis - Omens - Album Review

OMENS cover art

Atlantis is a Post-Rock/Post-Metal/Atmospheric Metal collective from Holland.

The members are:

Studio : Gilson Heitinga

Live :

Sander Bolk
Samir Boureghda
Gilson Heitinga
Carlo Leijtens
Gido Leijtens
Marijn Slot

Atlantis are a band that who are very hard to describe. Before I do that maybe it is best to find out how this band got together and where they have ended up today.

Gilson Heitinga started Atlantis as a solo project in 2006 combining Soundscapes, metal, doom, noise and electronica into something almost life-like. 7 years later and now a fully formed band with 2 acclaimed albums behind them. Atlantis is ready to rise from the deepest oceans and take their place as one of the most creative and imaginative Post-Metal Band currently out there.

Their 3rd release – Omens – is a work of art more than an album. 50 minutes that will leave you thinking – What did I just listen to. Atlantis blends Ambient, Sludge, Noise, Doom and Electronica music into something highly original. The 6 songs show a band on top of their game where nobody can match them for sheer creativity or the amount of great music on show here.

Atlantis blend different noises and moods that make you feel your whole world is going to end. Omens is the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world. You know how many false calls we have been told over the last few years regarding the end of the world. Well believe me when I say that Omens truly has the power to start a dangerous apocalyptic mission of its very own.

Witness the beauty of epic track – And She Drops the 7th Veil – An incredible 15:23 minute track that shows the true talent of Atlantis in full flow. Harsh, poetic and stunning are some of the words to describe this track. Atlantis provide a haunting score against a backdrop of violent moods all told through the brilliant instrumental work that the band have masterfully created from beginning to end.

Atlantis play up to their genre-defying sound as they move effortlessly from Post-Rock, Ambient, Post-Metal, Doom and Electronica with apparent ease. Though it will leave the listener in a constant state of shock. You get used to one overall sound and Atlantis change their game plan and play something equally more daring.

This is not an album you will fully understand first time round. You will need multiple listens to truly understand what is going on around you. When the vocals finally do appear you feel you have been in a lost vortex of sounds all your life. And this is the very first time you have heard a human voice. Though the voices add a creeping sense of danger coming towards you. Do you trust the voices coming towards you or do you go back into the vast darkness from where you came.

Omens will delight and frustrate people in equal measure. It is not the most straight forward of albums but when does music have to play things safe. It is always great when a band goes that extra step to take the listener on an uncompromising journey of different noises and sounds. This is where Omens truly comes to life. It has the power to question thing such as life and death. Truly harrowing subjects in my mind.

The album is expertly played and produced through out. Omens is a journey into the darkness of humanity and it is an unforgettable thought provoking journey that will last long in the memory.

An incredible experience. Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Omens is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl through Burning World Records now.

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