Thursday 21 November 2013

Gaff Interviews Chris Pupecki of Doomriders

Jason Zucco (c)

Chris, first off, let me politely say that this album sonically is immense.

You and your mate’s sir, have handed in a creative and sonic masterpiece that will surely be in many album of the year polls.

The thing that jumps out at the listener is how each instrument really has its own vibe on the album, melding themselves into one wonderful piece of art.


SL). Where was the album recorded and how was the recording process?

CP)  We recorded the album with Kurt Ballou at his God City studio. We've recorded everything we've released with him because A. He's really good at what he does and B. Nates' been in a band with him for years so we knew communication would flow easily when it came to what we were going for.
SL). What gear was used and why (guitars, amps, bass rig, drums)?

CP)  Not really sure exactly what everybody else used as far as gear goes this time around but we tend to use multiple amps and guitars to get different tones. For amps, we use two or three at a time and mix the end result together to fine tune the tone. I've used a combo of Marshall jmp, Bad Cat, Verellen, Marshall Jubilee, and a few other random ones over the years to get the tone I want. At this point though, we can just say to Kurt, "I want it more raw than the last record" or try to describe what we want and he'll go and set up a bunch of amps together based on what we said, then we just tweak it a bit from there. For guitars I used my '78 Les Paul custom, my First Act custom, and a couple of Kurt's guitars that he built

SL).There is such a comfortable feel to the album, would you equate this to the relationship the band has together and also the relationship you have with the engineer?

CP) Definitely! We've been a band for almost 10 years now, so that's going to happen, and as I said we've been recording exclusively with Kurt the whole time so it's definitely a relaxed atmosphere for sure. We enjoy comfort when we can get it. Which we rarely do.

Grand Blood 2013

SL). In terms of writing for this album, would you please take us inside the process?

CP)  Like any of our records, we tend to book studio time a few months down the road and then buckle down and start writing. We talked a little about how we wanted to make it different sounding from the last record and went from there. We all have riffs, ideas and opinions so the songs usually come pretty fast. Sometimes one of us will come in with a near completed song, and other times it'll be just a couple riffs that we build onto in the rehearsal space. We always end up writing a song or two in the studio as well, last minute.

SL) . How long did the album take in its entirety and who was at the realm of recording, mixing and mastering?

CP) I think we were in God City for two weeks with Kurt who did the recording and mixing. Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East has mastered all of our releases and has been very patient with our constant tweaking.

SL). Do you sire, have a favorite track on the album, or do you look at the album more as a working piece?

CP) I really like all the songs a lot, but as far as playing them, New Pyramids, Grand Blood and We Live in The Shadows are particularly fun to play.

Jason Zucco (c)

SL). So now that the album is out, please share with us where you will be touring and with whom?

CP) I leave tomorrow (09/11/2013) to do a couple weeks with High on Fire and Kverletak, then next spring we're heading to Europe with the great new band Beastmilk. We've also been talking about an Aus/Japan run for sometime next year as well.

SL). After the tour is finished, do you plan on taking a break and maybe becoming an expert in frozen yogurt, or chicken wing basting?

CP) Frozen chicken yogurt is my jam, but I'll probably stick with my regular gig of chasing two maniac toddlers around my house.

SL). The label Doomriders is on, why is such a spectacular label for artists?

CP) Deathwish has been great to us; they really care about their artists and have high standards when it comes to the quality of music they release. I've known Tre and Jake for 20+ years.

SL) .Last question, vans or Cons, please give this extra special thought?

CP) British Knights forever. FTW.

Thank you so much for taking the time and answering the questions the music public has wanted to know. 

Doomriders is one of my favorite bands and guitar wise, your tandem is a force to be reckoned with, along with a bass player that carves out a wonderful chugging pattern and truly a drummer I feel can do no wrong.

Eat a peach,


Words and interview by : Marc Gaffney

You can buy their latest record here and read Fitton’s review here

Doomriders are currently  finisihing up their run of dates with High On Fire and Kvelertak on the road now. Check the dates below for more information.

November 10 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
November 11 Asheville, NC Orange Peel
November 12 Washington, DC Rock & Roll Hotel
November 13 Philadelphia, PA Underground Arts
November 15 New York, NY Webster Hall
November 16 Boston, MA The Middle East
November 17 Montreal, QC Corona Theatre
November 18 Toronto, ON Opera House
November 19 Detroit, MI Crofoot Ballroom
November 20 Columbus, OH A&R Music Bar
November 22 Chicago, IL Metro
November 23 Sauget, IL Pop's

For more information :