Thursday 21 November 2013

Cop Problem - Buried Beneath White Noise EP (Review)


Album Type :  EP
Date Released : 24/10/2013
Label : The Compound/EarSplit Distro

Buried Beneath White Noise, track listing :

1) Bear Witness 02:35
2) From Within 02:48
3) Who Really Pays? 01:38
4) American Spring 03:15

Bio :

Philadelphia-based hardcore punk demonstrators, COP PROBLEM, have completed work on their newest recordings, and are preparing to release them in the form of the blistering four-track, Buried Beneath White Noise EP.

Recorded in early September with renowned engineer/producer Will Yip (Paint It Black, Circa Survive, Balance & Composure) at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, Buried Beneath White Noise will see a digital release through the band directly on October 24th. A special vinyl pressing will be issued in late 2013 via a direct cooperation with Earsplit’s new division, The Compound, for North America, while longtime activist label Prejudice Me Records will be handling the European release.

Buried Beneath White Noise is the follow-up to COP PROBLEM’s critically acclaimed, self-titled debut EP in 2012 (War Torn/Prejudice Me), also recorded by Yip at Studio 4. The EP saw rave reviews from leading online outlets such as BrooklynVegan, MetalSucks, American Aftermath, Cvlt Nation, Exclaim!, and many more while the band broke off scathing regional performances with the likes of Converge, Trap Them, Dropdead, Code Orange Kids, Comadre, Enabler, Heartless, Centuries, Burning Love, Resistant Culture, Coke Bust, Leftover Crack, Meek Is Murder, and many others. A series of tours would also be punctuated by appearances at Fest in Gainesville 2012 and Punk Island NYC 2013

The Band :

Deb Cohen | Vocals
Joshua Cohen | Drums
Randon Martin | Guitar/Backing vocals
George Grimaldi | Bass

Review :

Philly might be the city of brotherly love, but some people have a problem with authority apparently. Cop Problem play a truly ferocious blend of good ol' fashioned Hardcore, combined with some D-Beat tendencies and sharp punk attitude. They have an outstanding new EP out called 'Buried Beneath White Noise', and it can be found throwing a trash can through the window of your local McCorporation or corrupt government institution.

Four tracks long, ten minutes in total length. A short, quick kick-start to the heart in the truest sense of the expression. 'Bear Witness' is an incendiary start to the EP, dusted with rage and featuring a gooey centre of pure rage. It's a rage cake overdose that you'll wanna smash into your face. Furious hardcore riffs, kinetic ADD drumming and vocalist Deb, who I'd wager could strip paint off a wall at ten paces. Brilliant.

'Who Really Pays?' is more of the same, excellent guitar work. There's a true sense of good groove in their at times, even when it's trying to cave your skull in. Hell, there's even a mini solo. All the while those vocals come off like Michael Douglas doing spoken word in a deleted scene from Falling Down.

'American spring' rounds out the release in fine form, leaving you salivating for more. Like I said, short and sharp and brilliantly paced. It really is just what you want from this kind of thing, determined and in your face and seriously pissed.

Cop problem quite frankly rule. They manage to sound fresh within the confines of a sound that is by no means the same - this has been done before many times. They're not out to reinvent the wheel, but they are interested in running the fucker into the ground. Check them out today.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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