Thursday 31 October 2013

A Conversation with Fuzz Guru, Brad Davis (Fu Manchu)

If you are a fan of the fuzz created by Fu Manchu, then you are a fan of Brad Davis. He is the sound behind the fuzz drenched guitars on so many seminal records throughout the years.

It all started back in 2006 when Brad was buying a lot of fuzz pedals from different stores and pawn shops. It was at this time he decided he would start building his own pedals, mostly just trying and building for friends.  Skip ahead to 2013, and the Creepyfingers fuzz pedals are one of the most highly sought after fuzz pedals in the game.

Brad has built his own company by supplying great pedals at which a performer can afford and have a magnificent  piece of gear for many years.

The name Creepyfingers was actually coined by Brad’s friend, Emily Burton. It was a name that definitely fit the vibe of the pedals the man was and creates today.

It all started with Brad wanting to capture a simple fuzz tone. One that captivated him while being a young music fan growing up.

This was the fuzz tone of the 70’s. Like so many performers, this time has such a rich and distinguished sound for so many different genres of music. The guitar tones really had their own sound and sonically hit you in many different ways.

Therefore, when Brad started fooling around with making pedals, he was shooting for a pedal that would capture a real sound, one that emulated what he had in his ears and firmly enjoyed.

Once the word got out, people started going on the Fu Manchu site, message boards and friends starting discussing these fantastic pedals that Brad had constructed for them.

There are many different pedals in the creepyfingers domain and new ones will be shortly gracing us. Brad let me know that these will be something that people will be enjoying and that he is very happy about. As being the player of 2 of his pedals, I have witnessed my tone transform into something that I would never have achieved until speaking with Brad.

The thing about Mr Davis that is so refreshing is that any question you have, he gives you as real answer. If he does not think the pedals you are looking at will do the trick for you, he will suggest one that might be more up to snuff with what you are seeking to do.

I found this to be very helpful as I had thought I wanted one pedal when in turn he turned me onto something different that works better than I could have ever imagined. Brad could have easily just took my money and send me a pedal, however, and here is where you want to pay attention, he cares about tone and cares about what his consumer wants. Therefore, in my case, he actually listened to the music I make and suggested what would be the best fit, and he could not have been more correct.

For people in the guitar game that want a pedal that is built for the players, constructed of heavy duty material, so it will not crush under the foot of a guitarist, and really want a pedal that will transform your tone into something you have invading  your head, Brad Davis is the one to speak too.

Creepyfingers is not just a line of pedals, it is a line of goodness and why guys like Brad Davis are so valuable to the music world. He is a brilliant bass player, constructer of some of the best pedals in the world and a man that cares about his consumers, fans and most of all, is about trying to make you psyched about plugging in your guitar and being blown away by what comes out of the amp.

Make you sure you visit the Creepyfingers site and start your eternal quest for tone here, at the Camelot of Fuzz.

Eat a peach,

Words by : Marc Gaffney from Gozu
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