Thursday 24 October 2013


 Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came cover art

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 23/9/2013
Label : Avalanche Inc


1). Homesick
2). Comforter
3). Everyday
4). The Great Leveller
5). Grey Is The Colour

Review : 

It might strike up some discord, but fuck it, I'm gonna put it out there: of the many great musical excursions of the exceptionally talented Mr. Broadrick, Jesu is easily my very favourite one. I loves me some Godflesh as much as the next deranged man, but there is something very special about Justin's output under this particular guise.

And 'Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came' (great title) is right up there with the best of his work. That serene, low-end shoegaze sound is absolutely owned by Jesu, and it has probably never been more heart achingly beautiful.

I think that 'Comforter' is probably my new Jesu jam. It washes over you with its divine ascension, music with promise and patience that will reward you even more every time you listen to it. Cute by initial nature, almost childlike in its innocence, a trait which it never truly loses throughout the running time. The title could not be more apt. It keeps coming in warm waves, the meat of the riffs when they actually appear are never oppressive and are perfectly tempered to the escalating mood of the song. Absolutely incredible.

'Everyday' follows in similar suit, with a great beat as the basis for the whole thing. On this release I can honestly say that Justin has come into his own, as if all roads have lead to this very point. The whole record is virtually flawless and if you are indeed a Jesu fan then like me you'll probably feel the same disbelief over the fact that things just keep getting better. But cast that disbelief aside, because they really do. This track again encapsulates the overall feel of innocence that permeates throughout EIGCTTLFWIC. It's a soft, wide-eyed appreciation of the mysteries of life. All echoing and twinkly and magical.

'The Great Leveller' is huge, not just in length but also in scope. After a subtle string build the heaviest riffs on the album rear their head for the first time, but they themselves never stray into menacing territory, and nor would you ever want them to either. The latter half at times sounds like it's been fed through a Board of Canada style filter (when that group does approach guitar), and it absolutely works just dandy. More riffs appear toward the end to bring the piece to a satisfying conclusion, and you'll feel lifted by the time all is said and done and the curtain falls on it.

Up until now 'Lifeline' was the standout draw in the Jesu catalogue for me personally, and I still have much love for that record, but that notion has been quietly tucked in and put to bed by this new effort. A sum of all things up to this point, EIGCTTLFWIC is real triumph of feel over flash, a victory for emotion. It says more in a whisper in the ear than it could ever say yelling in your face. And to really achieve this, Justin K. Broadrick should be applauded for his finest work to date.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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