Friday 11 October 2013

Red Fang - Whales And Leeches - Album Review


Red Fang is a Stoner Metal/Heavy Metal Band from USA
The members are:
Bryan Giles - Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Beam - Bass/Vocals
David Sullivan - Guitar
John Sherman - Drums

Red Fang made almighty leap forward to Stoner Metal domination with their 2011 album Murder The Mountains. It became a firm favourite with both critics and fans alike due to its mixture of hard-rocking Stoner/Heavy Metal riffs. Red Fang went out on the road for almost two years conquering audiences wherever they went.
Well two years later and the band are back with their third album – Whales & Leeches. A blistering and action packed collection of great tunes full of head-banging riffs to rock out to.
First track – Doen – shows that Red Fang have lost none of their hard-rocking magic. They are back a vengeance. This track flies out of the starting block with vocalist Bryan on fine form. The riffs come thick and fast for Red Fang to lay claim to being one of the best Stoner Metal bands around.
Second Track – Wood like Cream – carries on the hard-rocking vibes, which starts at a slower pace but wait until the heavier punk based riffs kick in and the song turns into a mini-rock revolution. A storming track you will be singing along to from start to finish. This is Red Fang at their most fun. It is great to hear the band having fun with their music. However, this is still one hard-rocking affair that makes it one of the albums best tracks.
Red Fang lay down heavy riff after riff through out the album. This is a band on a mission to rock out and to destroy all of their competition and on this form no one can stop them. Red Fang have written their best album to date. All of the tracks are great as each other especially – No Hope and Crows in Swine. It is on Crows in Swine, which features a Mastodon based riff that Red Fang manage to make so catchy and original. Bryan is on top-notch form here. Matching the fast-paced riffs like their lives depended on it.
The band does include punk rock driven moments from their earlier material especially on the next two tracks – Voices of the Dead and Behind the Light. The drumming and guitar riffs are more precise here compared to the other songs. Possibly, because of the short time allocated to each song. However, they are both still fantastic songs to rock out to. The dark lyrics included on both songs are some of the coolest Red Fang have written of their entire career.
The albums standout track has to be Dawn Rising. A 7-minute epic full of demented moods and riffs. It feels Red Fang have been watching some classic creepy horror movies as this track cranks up the tension before unleashing a deadly combination of creepy vocals and riffs. Play this song as loud as you can. This is Red Fang at their most majestic and twisted best.
However, the next track – Failure – could give Dawn Rising a run for its money of being the best track on the album. As it’s another creepy affair with the band coming out to scare you like a demented madman looking for its next victim. Some fine groove based riffs only heighten the mood before the awesome lyrics add a sense of danger to the party.
I think have spoilt enough of the albums secrets awaiting you. Therefore, I will stop describing them. However, believe me when I say this is Red Fangs finest album to date. It is going enhance their reputation even more. Whales and Leeches is one of 2013 must-have releases. This album has been created for one thing. Riffs!!! - There are loads of them for you to discover and rock to.
If you have grown up on a steady diet of Thin Lizzy, The Melvins and Mastodon then this album is going to speak volumes to you. You do not need me to tell you what you will be missing. Just buy this album when it comes out. It is an essential purchase.
You want more evidence to buy this. Red Fang have included two of their famous friends to help out.  Mike Scheidt (Yob) and Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession), appear on the album as well.
Excellent and Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Relapse Records for sending us a copy to review. The album will be available on all available formats from Oct 15th 2013.

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