Friday 11 October 2013

Dead Man Band

Dead Man Band EP cover art

Dead Man Band is a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band from London/Brighton, UK

The members are:

Tom Warner - Guitars
Richard Fox - Bass
Joe Thompson - Drums
Dave Kirk - Vocals

Dead Man Band are a superb UK Stoner Rock Band you all need to check out as they have some great tunes at their disposal. I will let Dave's great in-depth bio do all the talking.

"I'm the frontman for London/Brighton rock act Dead Man Band. We've been gigging in London for 2-3 years, and play our own multi-influence British stoner rock, not immediately the same as anyone, but there's definitely some QOTSA/Soundgarden/Clutch in there.

We recorded our debut EP at the tail end of 2012, and also recorded a Live EP Set last month that you could check out (as it's got our most up to date track list)

We're trying to build a fanbase, have had a little airplay on Amazing Radio's Rock Show, one or two minor reviews and such, but we're just trying to step out beyond our immediate supporters and break into a wider metal audience.

You can download or stream the tracks from our website "

Well I have listened to Dead Man Heart's excellent debut S/T EP and it's quite good for a demo. Some very good Punk riffs matched against the Stoner Rock vibes the band are laying down. Dave's vocals might take a bit of getting used to but he definitely has something different about him. And it's quite refreshing to hear good old-fashioned vocals from someone who cares what he is singing about.

Plus the rest of the band are superb musicians as well. So if you want to hear some top-notch Stoner Rock with a Punk Rock attitude then Dead Man Band is the group for you.

You can download all of their material for free here or from BandCamp.

Defintely a great band to keep an eye out for in the future.

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